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Metal peso and centavo - modern coins of Argentina

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
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Republic Argentina Monetary unit is peso which is equal 100 centavo. In the cash circulation there are coins of denomination 1, 5, 10, 25 both 50 centavo and 1, 2 and 5 peso.

Since 1992 in Argentina of peso has replaced austral under the relation 1 peso=10000 australs. The rate of peso which name also converted, has been positioned by Central bank at a rate of 1 peso=1 US dollar and each converted by peso was supplied with Central Bank external reserves. As a result of this replacement it has been positioned that one converted by peso will cost 10,000,000,000,000 peso Moneda Nacional. However after financial crisis of 2001, system of the fixed rate of exchange was it is kept.

In 1992 coins 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 centavo, then in 1994 a coin 1 peso have been entered. Coins 1 centavo have been for the last time rapped out in 2001, and now are withdrawn from circulation. On face side of a coin of denomination 50 centavo are the plotting of Kasa de Tucuman, on turnaround - a digital designation of nominal value.

All coins of Argentina are produced of various metals: a brass, aluminium bronze, a Copper-Nickel, bimetal (a brass and a Copper-Nickel). In the country there is a coin which has received the name "argentino". This coin is rapped out from gold, its nominal value makes 5 peso. In 1881-1884, such coin was manufactured by nominal value 1/2 argentino, and in 1884-1896 - 1 argentino. On its obverse the state arms, and on a reverse - a portrait of the woman - an embodiment of Argentina are represented.

Nominal value: 10 centavo
Stamping: 1993
the Material: Aluminum-Bronze an alloy
the Note:
the Obverse 10 centavo of Argentina the Reverse 10 centavo of Argentina
Nominal value: 1 peso
Stamping: 2006
the Material: the Center - a brass, a ring - a Copper-Nickel
the Note:
the Obverse 1 peso of Argentina the Reverse 1 peso of Argentina
Nominal value: 2 peso
Stamping: 2002
the Material: the Copper-Nickel
the Note:
the Obverse 2 peso of Argentina the Reverse 2 peso of Argentina

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