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Metal dollars and cents - modern coins of the United States of America

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Monetary unit of the United States of America is the dollar which is equal 100 cents. In monetary circulation there are coins of denomination 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 cents and 1 dollar.

Today four Mints work in the United States over production of billions coins in a year. The core is the Mint of Philadelphia which manufactures coins being in circulation and some memorable coins being in circulation. The Denver Mint also manufactures circulating coins and memorable signs. The mint of San Francisco manufactures silver coins, and attended to coins being in circulation till 1970th years. The Vest-point the Mint manufactures first-rate quality coins (proof).

The Generator of each coin can be easily defined, as the majority of coins bear the mint logo. This sign can be found on face side of the majority of coins as basically is near a year of issue. Not marked coins are manufactured basically by the Mint of Philadelphia. Coins of Philadelphia are noted by a letter P, coins of Denver - D, San Francisco - S, New Orleans - O and the Vest-point - W. Coins with letters S and W in circulation to find very difficult though coins with a letter S were manufactured to the middle of 1970th years. Coins with letters ѻ and D were manufactured during short time in the beginning and the nineteenth century middle on time mints in Carson City, the State of Nevada and Dalonega, Georgia, accordingly, and all such coins now in hands of collectors and museums.

Official coins of the USA were manufactured since 1792 on the present.

  • Half-cent - 1792 - 1857
  • the Penny - 1793 on the present
  • 2 cents - 1864-1873
  • 3 cents - 1851-1873
  • Half of dime - 1792-1873 (not to confuse to nickel, also there are 5 cents)
  • Nickel - 1866 on the present
  • the Dime - 1792 on the present
  • 20 cents - 1875-1878
  • the Quarter - 1796 on the present
  • Half-dollar - 1794 on the present
  • Dollar (USA) - 1794 on the present
  • Quarter Eagle ($2,5 coined gold) - 1792-1929
  • Three dollars - 1854-1889
  • Half Eagle ($5 coined golds) - 1795-1929
  • Eagle ($10 coined golds) - 1795-1929
  • Double Eagle ($20 coined golds) - 1850-1933

The First coin 1 US dollar has been rapped out in 1794. It comprised 89,25 % of silver and 10,75 % of copper as it is indicated in Section 13 of the Coinage act of 1792. In February, 2007 the Mint of the USA has entered a new series of coins of denomination 1 dollar with the plotting of all US presidents. On the basis of success of a series "the Quarter 50 states on new coins are represented portraits of presidents as their inauguration, since George Washington, on face side. On the back the plotting of the Statue of Freedom. One more unusual fact: the Grover Clevelend will have two coins with its portrait because it was the unique US president chosen twice, but not successively.

Nominal value: 5 cents
Stamping: 2005
the Material: the Copper-Nickel
the Note:
the Obverse of 5 cents of the USA the Reverse of 5 cents of the USA
Nominal value: 25 cents
Stamping: 2002
the Material: Copper covered with a Copper-Nickel
the Note: a Series "Quarters of 50 states" - Indiana
the Obverse of 25 cents of the USA the Reverse of 25 cents of the USA
Nominal value: 1 dollar
Stamping: 2007
the Material: Copper plated copper-zinc-manganese-nickel alloy
the Note: a Series "US presidents" - Washington
the Obverse 1 US dollar the Reverse 1 US dollar

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