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Metal francs and centimes - modern coins of Switzerland

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Switzerland, Confederation
  • Swiss franc
  • Bern
  • of 39 770 sq. km
  • a German (state), French, Italian
  • CH (CHE) 756

Confederation Monetary unit Switzerland is franc which is equal to 100 centimes. In the cash circulation there are coins of denomination of 5, 10, 20 centimes and 1/2, 1, 2, 5 francs.

The Coin 1 centime was manufactured in Switzerland till 2006 though did not play any big role in a monetary and credit national economy in the end of the XX-th century. The collectors, wishing to receive this coin, should pay additional 4 centimes to cover production costs which exceeded an actual face-value for many years. The coin has gone out of use in the late seventies, the beginning of 1980th years, but officially completely is withdrawn from circulation and declared not by a lawful legal tender 1 January, 2007. The coin of 10 centimes manufactured since 1879 (except for 1918-19 and 1932-39) was the same composition, the size and style, as well as the same coins manufactured now and still remains a lawful legal tender.

As in Switzerland there are four national languages, on all Swiss coins figures, an abbreviation "Fr are shown only." - franc, and Latin phrases "Helvetia", "Confederatio Helvetica" (depending on the name) or an inscription "Libertas" (the Roman goddess of freedom) on small coins.

In addition to coins in circulation, numerous series of memorable coins, and also silver and coined golds are manufactured. These coins are not a lawful legal tender, but can be interchanged for the face-value in post offices, national and cantonal banks. Their material or collection value it is equal or exceeds a face-value.

Nominal value: 10 centimes
Stamping: 1994
the Material: the Copper-Nickel
the Note:
the Obverse of 10 centimes of Switzerland the Reverse of 10 centimes of Switzerland
Nominal value: 1 franc
Stamping: 2000
the Material: the Copper-Nickel
the Note:
the Obverse 1 franc of Switzerland the Reverse 1 franc of Switzerland
Nominal value: 2 francs
Stamping: 1998
the Material: the Copper-Nickel
the Note:
the Obverse 2 francs of Switzerland the Reverse 2 francs of Switzerland

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