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Metal euro (francs and centimes) - coins of Belgium

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Belgium, Kingdom
  • Euro
  • Bruxelles
  • of 32 820 sq. km
  • Dutch (state), French, German
  • BE (BEL) 056

The Belgian Kingdom is member country the European union . Monetary unit - euro - to equal 100 eurocents.

Till January, 1st, 2002 Belgian francs - to equal 100 centimes were cash token moneys of Belgium. A nominal number of the native currency of Belgium has been presented by coins of denomination of 50 centimes and 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 francs.

As consequence of German occupation in 1940, in Belgium issue of silver coins has been terminated. Zinc has replaced all other metals in coins 5, 10 and 25 centimes, 1 and 5 francs. In 1948 Copper-Nickel coins of 5 francs and silver 50 and 100 francs have been manufactured, silver 20 francs left in 1949, and a Copper-Nickel coin 1 franc in 1950. Silver coins have terminated to manufacture in 1955. Copper-Nickel coins of 25 centimes have replaced 20 centimes in 1964. Nickeliferous 10 francs have been entered in 1969 (were manufactured only till 1979), and bronze 20 francs in 1980 and nickeliferous 50 francs in 1987. Aluminum-Bronze the alloy has replaced Copper-Nickel in a coin of 5 francs in 1986 while the Nickel-plated steel has replaced a Copper-Nickel in a coin 1 franc in 1989. All these coins in Belgium definitively left the circulation in 2004.

Nominal value: 1 franc
Stamping: 1998
the Material: the Nickel-plated steel
the Note:
the Obverse 1 franc of Belgium the Reverse 1 franc of Belgium
Nominal value: 20 francs
Stamping: 1998
the Material: Bronze
the Note:
the Obverse of 20 francs of Belgium the Reverse of 20 francs of Belgium

The Designer of the Belgian coins of euro is Jan Alfons Kajstermans. On a reverse of all coins of Belgium the plotting of a profile of king Albert II who have ascended to the Belgian throne in 1993, its monogram in the form of a capital letter And, the Roman figure II and year of issue of the coin, also being a part of its design is seated. Royal a profile surround 12 stars symbolising incorporated Europe.

Nominal value: 2 eurocents
Stamping: 2000
the Material: the Copper-plated steel
the Note:
the Obverse 2 eurocents of Belgium the Reverse 2 eurocents of Belgium
Nominal value: 20 eurocents
Stamping: 2000
the Material: the Brass
the Note:
the Obverse of 20 eurocents of Belgium the Reverse of 20 eurocents of Belgium

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