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Metal kwachas and tambalas - modern coins of Malawi

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • Country code:
  • Malawi, Republic
  • Kwacha malawi
  • Lilongwe
  • of 118 480 sq. km
  • English (state), a Chichewa (state)
  • MW (MWI) 454

Republic Malawi Monetary unit is the kwacha which is equal to 100 tambalas. In monetary circulation there are coins in nominal value 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 tambalas and 1 kwacha.

On an obverse of coins of denomination 1, 2 and 5 tambalas are seated the plotting of the State Emblem of Malawi and an inscription MALAWI, the reverse of a coin in nominal value 1 tambala decorates the plotting of two tropical fishes, on the back coins in 2 tambalas the paradise bird is represented, on a reverse of a coin of denomination 5 tambalas are the plotting of a red heron.

The Face side of a coin of denomination 10 tambalas (the sample of 1989) is decorated by Banda Hejsting Kamuzu holding a post of the president of Malawi in 1966-1994 profile, on the back the this coin sheaves of cops of corn are represented. On an obverse of a coin of denomination of 10 tambalas (the sample of 1995) the portrait of the president of the country Bingu Va Mutarika, the plotting on a reverse to similarly coin of the sample of 1989 is represented

Face sides of coins of denomination of 20 and 50 tambalas also contain a portrait of the president of the country, thus on a reverse of the first the elephant cow with the elephant calf, and on the back of the second - the State Emblem of the country and an inscription MALAWI is represented.

Nominal value: 2 tambalas
Stamping: 1995
the Material: the Copper-plated steel
the Note: the Paradise bird
the Obverse 2 tambalas of Malawi the Reverse 2 tambalas of Malawi
Nominal value: 20 tambalas
Stamping: 1996
the Material: the Nickel-plated steel
the Note: the Elephant cow with the elephant calf
the Obverse of 20 tambalas of Malawi the Reverse of 20 tambalas of Malawi
Nominal value: 1 kwacha
Stamping: 1996
the Material: the Brass
the Note:
the Obverse 1 kwacha of Malawi the Reverse 1 kwacha of Malawi

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