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In this section of a site descriptions and photos of some the modern coins which are in monetary circulation of the states of the world are presented.

For a long time the mankind had the general equivalent of cost of the goods. As original form of such equivalent metal scraps, jewels, pearls, livestock, fur of animals acted, etc. And today at some people of Micronesia as a monetary substitute a teeth of marine animals is still saved, for example.

By degrees the human organisation varied, became complicated, arose Ancient civilisations, on change which came the state educations of the Middle Ages and New time. And everywhere - in Europe or Asia, Africa Or America - researchers find the metal coins which have become by general Equivalent in an estimation of the goods and services. Certainly, each country had the coins and to trade with one another, their exchange was required.

The Coin is nation-wide metal The payment sign bearing on symbols of the majestic Accessories and a dignity designation in Monetary units of the country-emitter or in shares of this Units.

The Coin has two planes. They also are called Differently.

Since antique times it was considered to be the party, On which the plotting of a deity was minted or The governor, obverse. It is natural that other party Has received the name of the turnaround.

"Obverse" - the person of a coin, "reverse" - its wrong side, Back.

2 rubles (2000.) an obverse and a reverse of the Hero town

Except two parties-planes, at each coin There is a rib, or as it technologists name, - Forming surface. On a rib with the purposes of protection Coins from damage and possible fakes the system is put Signs as which in numismatics name as a herd .

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