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Uruguayan peso

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Uruguay, Republic
  • Uruguayan peso
  • Montevideo
  • of 176 220 sq. km
  • the Spanish (state), Portuguese
  • UY (URY) 858

Monetary unit of Uruguay is peso which makes 100 centesimos. In circulation there are notes in nominal value 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 Uruguayan peso. Issuing institute - Central bank of Uruguay; it is founded on March, 1st, 1967 Before since 1896 of function of central bank executed Bank of East Republic Uruguay. The international designation of the Uruguayan peso - UYU .

Uruguayan peso it is entered in June, 1862 with a gold content into 1,556419 g of pure gold. Since August, 1914 of the note for gold were not exchanged. In 1921-1924 of peso has depreciated to 79 % of a gold parity. Since 1925 the peso rate has been reduced at level parity and saved till the end of 1929 In May, 1931 currency restrictions are entered. After significant depreciation in the early thirties the rate of peso since January, 1933 was defined through franc France.

Since July, 1st, 1975 it is entered new peso on a parity of 1000 old peso for 1 new peso. Depreciated new peso has been replaced by the Uruguayan peso in 1993 on a parity 1000 to 1.

the Flag Uruguay the Map Uruguay
the Arms Uruguay

The denomination of denomination 2000 peso (2003) has the sizes 160 74 mm. On its face side on the right is Damaso Antonio Larranaga's portrait in a profile. In the center the plotting of a microscope and a pigeon of the world, from the left are seated The parties the country flag is represented. On the back on the left side of the note the kind of an old building National is seated Libraries, and in the center - also the plotting of a microscope and a pigeon of the world.

The denomination is protected by a watermark in the form of a portrait of general Jose Gervasio Artigasa. The metallized diving Protective thread with an inscription retried on all length " URUGUAY" passes on the right side of a denomination. With Left-hand side the digital designation of nominal value which can be seen only under the defined is on the back seated Point of view. On denomination face side in the right angle there is a silvery holographic strip in width 8 Mm. On this strip under a certain point of view it is possible to see a central bank abbreviation " BCU" Or a country flag. Prevailing colours - black, blue and yellow.

Face side 100 peso of Uruguay
the Back 100 peso of Uruguay

At manufacturing of the Uruguayan denominations in a paper the most thin metal threads pressed into. They do denominations More stable against deterioration, and also promote reliable protection of money against fakes.

Face side 2000 peso of Uruguay
the Back 2000 peso of Uruguay

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