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New sol

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Peru, Republic
  • New sol
  • Lima
  • of 1 285 220 sq. km
  • Spanish (state), an Aymara, etc.
  • PE (PER) 604

Monetary unit of Peru is new sol which is equal to 100 centimes. In circulation there are notes of denomination of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 sols. Issuing institute - the Central reserve bank of Peru; it is created in 1931; it is nationalised in 1962 the International designation new salting - PEN .

Till 1930 monetary unit was the Peruvian pound entered by the law from December, 27th, 1897 In connection with transferring to a gold standard (the law from December, 14th, 1901) a gold content of the Peruvian pound has been positioned in 7,322382 g of the pure gold, equal to a pound sterling gold content, the official rate made 1 Peruvian pound = 4,866 US dollars. As a lawful legal tender silver coins (22,5 g of a fine silver) on a parity of 10 silver sols for 1 Peruvian pound were saved.

the Flag of Peru the Map of Peru
the Arms of Peru

Monetary issue till 1922 was carried out by private banks. With 1922 on 1931 g issuing monopoly the Reserve bank of Peru on which basis in 1931 the Central reserve bank of Peru has been formed had. The law from February, 10th, 1930 as monetary unit it is entered gold the sol, equal 0,601858 g of pure gold.

Since January, 1st, 1986 in all operations the new monetary unit - inti - 100 centavo (it is officially injected since February, 1st, 1985), to equivalent 1000 sols began to be applied; notes in sols were saved in circulation in quality of a lawful legal tender till 1989 inclusive.

One inti interchanged on 1000 old sols, but as a result of inflation Presidential Administration Fuhimori is more narrow in 1991 has been compelled to carry out new denomination and to enter new Peruvian sol at the rate 1 million in inti = to 1 new I salt.

All Peruvian notes have the identical sizes (140 x 65 mm) and on face side contain a portrait of the known historical Peruvian person.

Face side of 10 nuevo sols of Peru
the Back of 10 nuevo sols of Peru

On face side of the note of 100 nuevo sols the Peruvian historian Horhe Basadre Gromann twice holding a post of the Minister of Education of Peru is represented; on the back notes - drawing of National Library of Peru.

Face side of 100 nuevo sols of Peru
the Back of 100 nuevo sols of Peru

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