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Peso Colombia

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Colombia, Republic
  • Peso Colombia
  • Bogota
  • of 1 138 910 sq. km
  • the Spanish (state)
  • CO (COL) 170

Monetary unit of Colombia is the peso Colombia which is equal 100 centavo. On territory of the country the circulation notes in nominal value 1000 have, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000 and 50000 peso. Issuing institute - Republic Colombia Bank; it is founded in 1923 as the joint-stock company which half of shares belonged to the government; in April, 1973 it is nationalised.

From October, 25th, 1903 the peso Colombia gold content has been positioned by the Law proceeding from a parity 5 =1 pound sterling, in 1,464476 g of pure gold. Gold peso began to be minted since 1913 Till 1923 as a legal tender English coined golds addressed also. Monetary issue was carried out by exchequer. The notes of the recreated central bank manufactured in 1923 were exchanged for gold till 1931, and the peso rate was not wedged from the parity. From the middle of 20 centuries realisation of a conservative policy in the financially-budgetary and monetary and credit operations inflation approach became which result has been proclaimed.

the Flag Colombia the Map Colombia
the Arms Colombia

The Basic part of denominations being in circulation falls into to the notes which issue has begun in 1995. All Notes, except for a denomination in nominal value 50000 peso, have some versions the decors concerning in minor alteration of design and strengthening of degree of protection against a fake.

Face side 1000 peso of Colombia
the Back 1000 peso of Colombia

The denomination of denomination 5000 pesoes Colombia has the size 140 x 70 mm. On its face side on the right is The plotting of poet Jose Asunsona Silva. In the denomination center the kind of park avenue is seated. On the back The plotting of the woman in park is possessed. As protection the denomination is supplied by a watermark in the form of Jose Asunsona Silva's portrait. The protective thread passes On the right side from the center. A protective strip with an inscription retried on all length " BRC 5000" Is in the center. Dominating colours - light green, olive and brown.

Face side 5000 peso of Colombia
the Back 5000 peso of Colombia

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