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  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:

  • the Country code:
  • Brazil, Federal Republic

  • Real
  • Brasilia
  • of 8 511 965 sq. km
  • Portuguese (state), Spanish, English, French
  • BR (BRA) 076

National monetary unit of Brazil is the real which makes 100 centavo. The international designation of real - BRL . A nominal number of the native currency of Brazil is presented by notes of denomination of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 reals.

Till 1942 country monetary unit was the milreis equal to 1000 trips (1000 milreises = 1 contos). At introduction in 1849 of a gold standard the milreis gold content has been positioned 0,8217783 g of pure gold. On November, 1st, 1942 instead of a milreis as monetary unit the cruzeiro has been entered. Old token moneys interchanged on new till June, 1st, 1949 on a parity 1: 1. Since February, 13th, 1967 it is entered new a cruzeiro, equal 1000 old, the name new a cruzeiro was saved till May, 15th, 1970

the Flag Brazil the Map Brazil
the Arms Brazil

Since March, 3rd, 1986 the new monetary unit - a cruzado, on a parity 1 cruzadoes = 1000 cruzeiroes is entered; at introduction the rate made 13,8, in December, 1986 - 14,5, in May, 1987 - 31,4 cruzadoes for 1 US dollar. Token moneys in a cruzado were manufactured since 1987; till the end of February, 1987 old notes in a cruzeiro, including with an overprint of new nominal value in a cruzado on a parity 1000: 1 were in circulation saved. Since July, 1st, 1994 in the circulation the new monetary unit - real is manufactured. Lately there was an issue of denominations in nominal value of 5 and 10 reals which have Polymeric basis. These notes have similar decor and the allegorical plotting of Republic on the obverse The parties of denominations.

In April, 2000 in commemoration of the 500 anniversary of opening by Portugueses of the Brazilian coast, Central bank of Brazil has manufactured the polymeric note of 10 reals which goes in circulation together with other denominations. The Brazilian mint has printed 250 million these notes, for that time, approximately about half from all denominations of 10 reals. On face side of the this note the portrait of Pedru Alvarish Kabrala, the Portuguese seafarer who has opened Brazil, on an underside - the stylised Brazil map, with the drawings reflecting ethnic variety of the Brazilian people (white, black and Indians) is represented.

Face side of 10 reals of Brazil
the Back of 10 reals of Brazil

On February, 3rd, 2010 the Central bank of Brazil declared issue of a new series of notes. Denominations in new design are developed with strengthening of degree of protection and directed on decrease in counterfeit production. Notes have the different sizes depending on their nominal value, specially for visually impaired people. New notes left in the circulation in December, 2010 and circulate together with the old.

Face side of 50 reals of Brazil
the Back of 50 reals of Brazil

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