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  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Bolivia, Republic
  • Boliviano
  • Sucre
  • of 1 098 580 sq. km
  • Spanish (state), an Aymara, etc.
  • BO (BOL) 068

National monetary unit of Bolivia is boliviano which makes 100 centavo. The international designation of boliviano - Bs . A nominal number of the native currency of Bolivia is presented by denominations of denomination 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 boliviano. In the country also in the free circulation there are American dollars.

The country, and in the subsequent and the native currency have been named in honour of the hero of national movement - Simon Bolivar which struggled for clearing of the South America, of colonial grab of Spain.

Till 1906 on territory of the country addressed silver the boliviano, equal 22,5 g of a fine silver; boliviano it was divided into 100 centavo. The law from September, 14th, 1906 had been positioned a boliviano gold content in 1,464466 g of pure gold, however coins with the indicated gold content were not minted.

the Flag Bolivia the Map Bolivia
the Arms Bolivia

Till 1927 along with boliviano a lawful legal tender in the country were English and Peruvian coined golds. Since January, 1st, 1963 the new monetary unit - Bolivian the peso, equal 1000 Boliviano is entered; the boliviano remains A lawful legal tender till the end of 1965 Since January, 1st, 1987 new unit - the boliviano, equal 1 million peso, with an official rate 2 boliviano for 1 US dollar is entered. Old token moneys were subject to an exchange till the end of 1987

At the moment, in Bolivia, in circulation there is money of a series of issue of 1987, manufactured notes 2 and 5 boliviano, are replaced by coins.

Exchange is carried out in all banks, hotels and solid shopping centers, and also in Specialised exchange offices.

In Bolivia, free importation and foreign exchange exportation are allowed, thus it is necessary to fill in the declaration. On the domestic currency, its importation and exportation also is allowed.

Face side 10 boliviano
the Back 10 boliviano

It is considered the most favourable importation of tourist checks in the American dollars. They vary on cash With the minimum commission in each bank, and also in a more part of shopping centers. In other currency to interchange Checks it is much more difficult.

Face side 200 boliviano
the Back 200 boliviano

It is updated 05.2012

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