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  • Name:

  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Aruba, Self-contained Member of the Netherlands Kingdom

  • Florin
  • Oranjestad
  • of 193 sq. km
  • Dutch (state), English
  • AW (ABW) 533

Monetary unit of Aruba is the florin which makes 100 cents. The international designation - AWG . In the cash circulation there are notes in nominal value 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500 florins.

the Flag Aruba the Map Aruba
the Arms Aruba

In connection with granting to the island Aruba which was a part of the Netherlands Antilles, since January, 1st, 1986 of the status of "the separated state instead of the Antilles gulden the Aruba florin there is entered. Notes and coins in the Antilles guldens interchanged on token moneys in Aruba florins till February, 1st, 1987 Currency has been attached to US dollar at a rate adopted from a gulden - 1,79 florins for 1 US dollar. Since 1995 Aruba has the status of self-contained territory.

Face side of 10 florins of Aruba
the Back of 10 florins of Aruba

In 1990 the Central bank of Aruba has manufactured a series of notes developed by the artist of Aruba Evelino Fingal. On denominations the designer has combined decorative motives of ancient ceramics with the plotting of animals unique for island. The note 500 florin has been entered in 1993, and the denomination of denomination 5 florin has been replaced by a coin in 1995.

Face side of 100 florins of Aruba
the Back of 100 florins of Aruba

It is updated 05.2012

Coins of Aruba

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