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  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Honduras, Republic
  • Lempira
  • Tegucigalpa
  • of 112 090 sq. km
  • the Spanish (state)
  • HN (HND) 340

The basic monetary unit of Honduras, the lempira which makes 100 centavo is. The term " " occurs on behalf of the American Indian leader who has entered struggle against the Spanish conquerors. Denominations of denomination of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 lempiras have distribution. The native currency is manufactured by Central bank of Honduras.

Till 1926 monetary unit of Honduras was the peso, containing 22,5 g of a fine silver. The law from April, 3rd, 1926 as monetary unit enters lempira with a gold content of pure gold of 0,752316 g. About 1933 g the lempira rate to other currencies is positioned proceeding from a parity with US dollar.

In 1961 within the limits of the Central American common market the Central American clearing house through which exchange payments between Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador are carried out has been created. The Chamber site - Tegucigalpa (at Central bank of Honduras).

the Flag Honduras the Map Honduras
the Arms Honduras

Since January, 2010, the new note of 20 lempiras made on a polymeric basis is manufactured. At a new denomination the design is a little changed. On note face side there is a plotting Dionisio Errery, the president of Honduras and Nicaragua. The kind of a presidential palace (1922-1992) is on the back seated. Dominating colours - green and lilac.

On face side of a denomination of denomination of 50 lempiras portrait Juan Manuel Galvez, the president of Honduras with 1949 for 1954, and on a background - the plotting of a building of Central bank is seated. On the back the building image is possessed Modern architecture. The denomination is protected by a watermark in the form of Juan Manuelja Galvesa's portrait and number 50. Except It, on the note there is a protective thread with retried inscription " BANTRAL 50" being from the right The parties. Dominating colours - grey and dark blue. All denominations of Honduras have the identical size - 156 x 67 mm.

Face side of 20 lempiras of Honduras
the Back of 20 lempiras of Honduras

In territory of Honduras, the American currency is accepted also.

Face side of 50 lempiras of Honduras
the Back of 50 lempiras of Honduras

It is updated 05.2012

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