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Dominican peso

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Dominican republic
  • Dominican peso
  • Santo-Domingo
  • of 48 730 sq. km
  • the Spanish (state)
  • DO (DOM) 214

National monetary unit of Dominican republic is Dominican the peso or peso an oro which makes 100 centavo. In circulation there are denominations of denomination In 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 peso. Notes were manufactured by various series and Modifications. In total in a turn-over are more than magpies various notes which issue was spent with 1964 on 2011.

Monetary unit with 1897 till 1947 was the US dollar. Since October, 13th, 1947 as a lawful legal tender token moneys serve in Dominican peso (since January 1961 till the end of May, 1962 a lawful legal tender was also the Canadian dollar, however practically he did not address) only. With 1947 till January, 1985 the official rate 1 Dominican =1 US dollar was applied. The state Central bank attends to issue of Dominican peso Dominican republic.

the Flag Dominican republic the Map Dominican republic
the Arms Dominican republic

The size of a denomination of denomination of 50 Dominican peso makes 156 x 67 mm. On its face side there is a plotting Sacred Maria's cathedral Junior, the oldest cathedral in America. On the back notes the kind is seated Basils of Sacred Altagrasii. The Watermark is absent. The protective thread with retried microtext passes on To the center. Dominating colours - lilac, blue and pink.

The denomination of denomination of 100 Dominican peso has the size 156 x 67 mm. On its face side there is a threefold The plotting of historical figures of the country. On the back of a denomination the kind of count gate is seated. The denomination is protected Watermark in the form of Juan Pablo Duarte's portrait - the founder of the state and a digital designation of nominal value, Possessed vertically. The protective strip with retried microtext is in the center. Prevailing Colours - green and brown.

Denominations of a series of 2006 represent modifications of notes of former issues, they are distinguished only by availability Additional advanced elements of protection against a fake.

Since July, 1st, 2010, the Central bank of Dominican republic has begun production of the note 20 peso an oro which is very similar to the previous paper denomination, but is printed on a polymeric substrate.

Face side 50 peso of Dominican republic
the Back 50 peso of Dominican republic

All notes of Dominican republic bear a phrase "Este billete tiene fuerza libertoria para el pago de todas las obligaciones publicas o privadas". That in a translation from Spanish, means: "the This ticket is intended for payment of all public or private obligations".

Face side 1000 peso of Dominican republic
the Back 1000 peso of Dominican republic

It is updated 05.2012

Coins of Dominican republic

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