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Costa Rican colon

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Costa Rica, Republic
  • Costa Rican colon
  • San Jose
  • of 51 100 sq. km
  • Spanish (state), English
  • CR (CRI) 188

National monetary unit of Costa Rica is the colon which makes 100 centimos. In circulation there are denominations of denomination 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000 and 50000 colon. A symbol of Costa Rican colon - CRC . Token moneys of Costa Rica have received the name in honour of Christopher Columbus (Kristobal Colon).

Till 1896 monetary unit was the peso, equal 100 centavo. The law from October, 26th, 1896 enters colon with a gold content of pure gold of 0.7002 g that there corresponded to a parity rate 2,15 colons for 1 US dollar.

the Flag Costa Rica the Map Costa Rica
the Arms Costa Rica

Since January, 16th, 1932 currency restrictions are entered. In connection with the further depreciation of colon its official (parity) rate has been reduced in January, 1937 to 5,615 colons for 1 dollar. Since September, 17th, 1985 almost all currency transactions are manufactured on a money market exchange rate supervised by central bank.

Since 2009 in Costa Rica a new series of notes, with new design and the increased degree of protection against a fake has been manufactured. On face side of a denomination 2000 colon is presented Mauro Fernandez Akuny's portrait (1843-1905), the Costa Rican politician, on the back - the diving world of a coral reef, fundamental colour - dark blue. Carmen Liry's portrait, the teacher and writers of Costa Rica, is possessed on face side of the note 20000 colon, on the back - a blossoming lawn with a birdie of the humming-bird, fundamental colour of a denomination - orange.

Free importation and exportation foreign and the domestic currency is supposed. Free importation of the American is allowed Dollars. To carry out a currency exchange it is possible in each bank, at specialised exchange offices and at the airport.

Face side of 2000 colons of Costa Rica
the Back of 2000 colons of Costa Rica

The remained colons at departure from the country can be interchanged in bank or the airport. However in this case can To be necessary the return ticket and the inquiry from bank about an initial exchange. However, having even these documents, It is possible to interchange only the sum which is not exceeding 50 US dollars.

Face side of 20000 colons of Costa Rica
the Back of 20000 colons of Costa Rica

It is updated 05.2012

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