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Monetary unit of Ukraine is the hryvnia entered into the cash circulation on September, 2nd, 1996. One hryvnia, as well as a russian ruble, makes 100 kopeks. Its nominal number is presented now Notes of denomination of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 hryvnias.

Hryvnia twice It was entered as the native currency of Ukraine - in 1918 (in territory of the Ukrainian National Republic) And 1996. The hryvnia history has begun at the time of the Kiev Russia when so named large enough monetary Unit which for realisation of small settlement operations should be split on two equal parts, Referred to as rubles. Having named the native currency hryvnia, Ukrainians both in 1918, and in 1996 have emphasised Historical link of independent Ukraine with the Kiev Russia - a cradle of East slavic statehood.

In territory of Ukraine since autumn of 1990 and prior to the beginning of 1992 in monetary circulation it is simultaneous and it is equal in rights The Soviet rubles and one-time coupons participated : without availability last it was not represented possible to acquire Separate kinds of the goods. Then karbovanetzes have been entered into a cash turn-over - notes of time use, Which also were called kupono-karbovantsami, is simple coupons or rubles, thus their nominal value was estimated in The Ukrainian rubles.

the Flag Ukraine the Map Ukraine
the Arms Ukraine

Notes of different nominal values differ colour scores and the specific plotting on obverse and Turnaround the parties. For example, on face side of the note of denomination 1 hryvnia prince Vladimir is represented Great, and the back is decorated by the engraving plotting " Vladimir's Hailstones in Kieve". On the obverse To the party of a denomination in nominal value of 2 hryvnias the portrait of prince Yaroslav Mudrogo is seated, and on its turn-over is possessed The plotting of the Sofia cathedral in Kiev which has been constructed from Yaroslav's command.

Decor of face side of the note in nominal value of 5 hryvnias contains a portrait of Bogdana Khmelnitskiy, on the back The plotting of church of village Subbotova is seated. On a denomination in 10 hryvnias are represented the Ukrainian hetman Ivan Mazepa (Face side) and Uspensky cathedral (back).

Face side of 10 hryvnias of Ukraine
the Back of 10 hryvnias of Ukraine

The face side of the note in nominal value of 20 hryvnias is decorated by Ivan Franko's portrait, and on its turn-over is represented The Lvov opera theatre. The note in nominal value of 50 hryvnias is devoted Michael Grushevsky, 100 hryvnias - Tarasu Shevchenko, 200 hryvnias - Wood to the Ukrainian. On face side of the note in nominal value of 500 hryvnias Grigory is represented Frying pan, and on its turn-over the plotting is seated by Kievo-Mogiljanskoj of academy.

Face side of 50 hryvnias of Ukraine
the Back of 50 hryvnias of Ukraine

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