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Kroon sweden

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National monetary unit of Sweden is the kroon sweden making To 100 era. The international designation of currency - SEK . Paper moneys participate In the cash circulation of the country of denomination of 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 kroons.

Sweden is an exhibiting country the European Union .

The Kroon with a gold content is entered into 0,4032258 g of pure gold into 1873 as a result of signing on December, 18th, 1872 agreements between Sweden and Denmark about the Scandinavian monetary union which in 1875 Norway has joined. Before in circulation there was a silver riksdaler. The Scandinavian monetary union provided free circulation of coins and notes of one exhibiting countries in territory of others. During the First World War of an exhibiting country of the Union have departed from a gold standard; their currencies have depreciated in different degree. It has predetermined the Union liquidation it is considered October, 1924 which official date

the Flag Sweden the Map Sweden
the Arms Sweden

Since March, 19th 1973 on August, 29th, 1977 Sweden participated in system of the narrowed limits of deviations of the mutual rates of exchange of member countries of "Common market" though was not the participant of EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY. After a yield of Sweden from system of the mutual rate fluctuations of currencies of the countries of EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY the Swedish government bank since August, 1977 has passed to an establishment of a krone exchange rate on the basis of a basket of currency of 15 main trading partners of the country. The exchange rate of national monetary unit always was in dependence from state currency policy. Since November, 1992 the currency has an exchange floating rate. To carry out exchange it is possible in banks, Items of an exchange and post offices.

On face side of a denomination of denomination 20 kroons are seated the plotting of known Swedish writer Selmy Lagerlef, and the hero of the fairy tale written by it "Wonderful travel Nils on the back is represented with Wild geese "- Nils.

Face side of 20 kroons of Sweden
the Back of 20 kroons of Sweden

On note face side in 50 kroons the plotting of opera singer Jenni Lind is possessed; on an obverse of 100 kroons - Charles Linneja's plotting; on 500 kroons - the plotting of king Charles XI and the Swedish inventor and the industrialist Christopher Polhema; on face side of 1000 kroons - the plotting of king Gustav Vazy.

Face side of 1000 kroons of Sweden
the Back of 1000 kroons of Sweden

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