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Romanian leu

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Romania, Republic
  • Romanian leu
  • Bucharest
  • of 230 340 sq. km
  • Romanian (state), Hungarian, German, etc.
  • RO (ROU) 642

Romania is an exhibiting country the European Union .

National monetary unit of Romania is The Romanian leu, Making 100 bans. As the Issuing bank the National bank of Romania acts. In the cash circulation of the country there are monetary tickets of denomination of 1,5, 10, 50, 100, 200 and 500 leus. Denominations, Manufactured from 2005, are produced only on a polymeric basis.

The leu has been injected by the law from April, 14th, 1867 when Romania which was under the power of Turkey, has accepted the national monetary system similar to system of the Latin monetary union (formally Romania did not enter into this union). The leu equaled to gold franc France. With 1867 till 1890 two currencies addressed to Romania - the Romanian leus and francs France collaterally. Since 1890 the Romanian leu became the unique native currency.

the Flag Romania the Map Romania
the Arms Romania

After clearing of fascist occupation, in the country currency reform has been carried out - from August, 15 till August, 22nd, 1947 Old token moneys interchanged on leus of the sample of 1947 on a parity 20 000: 1.

The second currency reform From January, 28 till January, 31st, 1952 has been spent - an exchange of token moneys for leus of the sample 1952 first thousand leus interchanged on a parity 100: 1, the second and third thousand - 200: 1 and the sums over 3 thousand old leus - 400: 1.

In 2005, has been spent Monetary reform in which result of 1 new leu ( RON - ROmanian New Leu) has replaced 10 000 old leus (ROL - before reform of 2005 - ROL, ROmanian Leu). Not denominated notes everywhere with the denominations manufactured in 2005, were in circulation to 31 December, 2006. In further them by degrees withdrew from a money turnover.

The Design of new notes marks following general principles: on face side the flower growing in Romania and a portrait of the Romanian cultural figure, on the back - drawing of a building or a known monument is represented. All notes are printed on plastic and polymer, each in the colour (light green on 1 leu, light-violet on 5 leus, light pink and light orange on 10 leus, yellow - 50 leus, dark blue on 100 leus, dark orange - 200 leus, and light grey on 500 leus). On November, 14th, 2008 the National bank of Romania declared issue of the changed note of 10 leus. The new design means offset printing use.

Face side of 200 leus of Romania
the Back of 200 leus of Romania

On face side of the token money of denomination of 200 leus, the size 150 on 82 mm represents a portrait of the philosopher Lusian Blug. On the back on the left side there is a plotting of an ancient statue " the Thinker ". The statue has been found in territory of Romania, her about 8000 years. In the center of the turnaround The parties the plotting of an ancient water-mill is seated. The denomination has no watermark, because a portrait Lusian Blug and an abbreviation " BNR" are put on the note in the engineering simulating a watermark. The monetary ticket is supplied by the protective strip which is passing to the left of the center, and a golden strip In the width 18 mm which is possessed on the back of a denomination to the right of the center. Primary colours - yellow, Green and brown

Face side of 500 leus of Romania
the Back of 500 leus of Romania

It is updated 05.2012

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