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Norwegian krone

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Norway, Kingdom
  • Norwegian krone
  • Oslo
  • of 306 830 sq. km
  • Norwegian (state)
  • NO (NOR) 578

Monetary unit of Norway is Norwegian krone, Component to 100 era. In the cash circulation there are notes of denomination of 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 Norwegian Crown. The international designation - NOK .

The Norwegian krone is injected by the law from April, 17th, 1875 in connection with the introduction of Norway into the Scandinavian monetary union. Before the spesidaler addressing in the form of a silver coin was country monetary unit. Till 1917 in circulation except national money there were notes and coins of Sweden and Denmark.

Since March, 18th 1973 on December, 11th, 1978 Norway participated in system of the narrowed limits of deviations of the mutual rates of exchange of member countries of "Common market" (though did not enter into EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY). On December, 12th, 1978 in connection with coming creation of the European currency system Norway left system of the limited fluctuations of rates of exchange and since January, 1979 has passed to an establishment of a krone exchange rate on the basis of a basket of currency.

the Flag Norway the Map Norway
the Arms Norway

The face side of 50 Norwegian crowns contains the plotting of a portrait of the Norwegian writer and the collector of national fairy tales of Peter Kristen Asbyornsen, turnaround The party is decorated by water lilies. Primary colour - The green.

On denomination face side in 100 Norwegian crowns the portrait of opera singer-soprano Kirsten Flagstad is possessed, the turn-over contains the schematical plotting of a concert hall in Opera theatre in Oslo. Dominating colour - claret.

On face side of the note in nominal value of 200 Norwegian crowns the portrait of the Norwegian scientist Christian Olafa Bernharda studying the polar lights is represented, on a reverse the Norwegian Polar region is represented. Prevailing colours - dark blue and blue.

Face side of 100 krones of Norway
the Back of 100 krones of Norway

The face side of 1000 Norwegian krones contains a portrait of the Norwegian painter and artist Edward Munch, on the back - a fragment from Munch's wall painting - "Sun". Fundamental colour - violet.

On territory of Norway it is possible to import freely currency for the sum which is not exceeding 25 000 Norwegian krones. If The sum exceeds the indicated limit it is necessary to fill in the special bill of entry. At Use of traveller's cheques of restrictions does not exist.

Face side of 1000 crowns of Norway
the Back of 1000 crowns of Norway

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