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Moldavian leu

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Moldova, Republic
  • Moldavian leu
  • Kishinev
  • of 33 700 sq. km
  • Moldavian (state), Russian, etc.
  • MD (MDA) 498

Monetary unit of Moldova is the Moldavian leu entered into the cash circulation on November, 29th, 1993. Till December, 1991 Moldova was republic the USSR . The Moldavian leu has come in the stead of coupons, the time token moneys of the state acting since June, 10th 1992 Year. At an exchange of 1 leu changed for 100 coupons. 1 leu makes 100 bans. A nominal number of the native currency 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 leus are presented Moldova by notes of denomination. A word " " occurs from the name of the Netherlands coins " leeuwendaalder" With the plotting of a lion which were in circulation in Moldova in a XVII-th century and were called as Moldavians in leus.

the Flag Moldova the Map Moldova
the Arms Moldova

On face side of the note in nominal value of 1 leu in the size 58 x 114 mm are represented a portrait of Shtefan Maare, The State Emblem of Republic Moldova and polychromatic national ornament, on the back are seated Plotting of a monastery of Keprijana with an inscription " MANASTIREA CAPRIANA" the arms of Shtefan Maare, the Column Infinity, the Column Trajana and a half moon between these columns. Dominating colours - brown, ochre, Yellow and green.

The denomination in nominal value of 10 leus has the sizes 61 x 121 mm and dominating colours in decor - red, violet and Gold ochre. On the back the monastery of Hyrzhauka with an inscription " is represented; MANASTIREA HIRJAUCA". The note of denomination of 20 leus is executed mainly in green and yellow colours, its back Contains the plotting of strength of Magpies with an inscription " CETATEA SOROCA".

On a denomination in nominal value of 50 leus, issued in red violet colours, the monastery of Hyrbovets with an inscription is represented "MANASTIREA HIRJAUCA". On the back denominations of denomination of 500 leus the cathedral is represented Cathedral with an inscription: "CHISTNAU. CATEDRALA". Dominating colours - orange, light green and The grey.

Face side of 10 leus of Moldova
the Back of 10 leus of Moldova

The note in nominal value of 1000 leus on the back has the plotting of the former building of parliament of republic. Colours - it is light - also dark-violet and it is light - also dark blue.

For protection of notes of the Moldavian leus against fakes, on them the watermarks, the metallized protective are put Threads and some other elements.

Face side of 1000 leus of Moldova
the Back of 1000 leus of Moldova

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