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Luxembourg franc (euro)

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The Great Duchy Luxembourg is an exhibiting country the European Union . Monetary unit - euro - to equal 100 eurocents.

Till February, 28th, 2002 Luxembourg francs - to equal 100 centimes were cash token moneys of Luxembourg. A nominal number of the native currency of Luxembourg has been presented by notes of denomination of 100, 1000 and 5000 francs.

the Flag Luxembourg the Map Luxembourg
the Arms Luxembourg

The Luxembourg franc is entered into 1848 instead of a dutch guilder. On the basis of the agreement on the economic union between Luxembourg and Belgium from December, 22nd, 1922 traffic walls have been liquidated, the Belgian franc is admitted to the circulation in Luxembourg on a parity 1:1 with Luxembourg franc.

Since April, 1st, 1935 in connection with devaluation of a Belgian franc to 0,030126 g, and Luxembourg to 0,037657 g the Belgian franc circulation in Luxembourg has been hindered. Since September, 9th, 1944 the Luxembourg franc has been again equal to a Belgian franc, and the Belgian franc circulation in territory of Luxembourg has been reduced.

Face side of 1000 francs of Luxembourg
the Back of 1000 francs of Luxembourg

Since March, 19th, 1973 Luxembourg participated in system of the narrowed limits of deviations of the mutual rates of exchange of member countries of "Common market"; since March, 13th, 1979 has entered into the European currency system. On June, 1st, 1983 the national central bank is founded - Luxembourg currency institute, however the currency union with Belgium was saved.

Face side of 5000 francs of Luxembourg
the Back of 5000 francs of Luxembourg

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