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Lithuanian litas

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Lithuania, Republic
  • Lithuanian litas
  • Vilnius
  • of 65 200 sq. km
  • Lithuanian (state), Polish, Russian
  • LT (LTU) 440

National monetary unit of Lithuania is the Lithuanian litas of making 100 cents. As the Issuing bank the Bank of Lithuania acts. In the cash circulation there are denominations of denomination of 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 lits.

Lithuania is an exhibiting country the European Union .

After annexation of Lithuania the USSR (1940), since March, 25th of 1941 lits has been replaced by the Soviet ruble. After restoration of independence (1991) as a legal tender time money the general coupons was used since August, 5th, 1991. C on October, 1st 1992 they have been declared by a unique lawful legal tender. The litas is released on June, 25th 1993.

the Flag Lithuania the Map Lithuania
the Arms Lithuania

In a turn-over there are notes of two series: the first series of token moneys was manufactured since 1993, following (Having the strengthened protection frames) since 1997. Denominations of a series of 1997 as a whole differ design from a little Former denominations.

The denominations of Lithuanian litas which are modification and dated 2007, have an advanced complex of protection frames From a fake (the latent plotting and changing colour depending on a point of view) a strip on To face side).

On face side of a denomination of denomination of 20 litases in the size 135 x 65 mm the portrait of poet Majronisa is represented (A real name - Jonas Machjulis). The plotting of the state museum and Freedom statue is On the back possessed In Kaunas. The monetary ticket has following protection frames: a watermark in the form of a portrait of Majronisa; a protective strip with Retried microtext " 20 LTL" which is possessed at the left, and the metallized diving The protective strip which is occurbing on face side of the note. Prevailing colours - blue and lilac.

Since summer of 2004, the Lithuanian litas rate became hardly adhered to euro that It has been made for the subsequent inclusion of the country in an eurozone.

In territory of Lithuania it is possible to carry out freely exchange in numerous exchange offices, and also in Banks and hotels. The sums exceeding 5000 dollars, interchange in bank exclusively at a presentation The document proving the identity.

Face side of 20 litases of Lithuania
the Back of 20 litases of Lithuania

On face side of the note of 500 litases the portrait of Vintsas Kudirki (1858-1899), the Lithuanian writer, the participant of movement of national revival and the author of a national anthem is represented. On a denomination underside the Bell of Freedom against the river Neman is represented. On the Bell it is written in Lithuanian: "You should call throughout centuries for children of Lithuania: the one who did not protect freedom, is not worthy it"). These are four lines of a poem written by Bronjusom Kazisom Balutisom (1879-1967) and became the motto of the Bell of Freedom, the newspaper of one of guerrilla groups. This note is a little more than the others (147 mm x 70 mm) also has 22 functions of protection (other notes have 16-19 functions). At first there were doubts that Lithuania requires a denomination of 500 litases as it was more than the minimum wages.

Face side of 500 litases of Lithuania
the Back of 500 litases of Lithuania

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