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Finmark (euro)

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Finland, Republic
  • Euro
  • Helsinki
  • of 304 610 sq. km
  • Finnish (state), Swedish (state)
  • FI (FIN) 246

Finland is an exhibiting country the European Union . Monetary unit - euro - to equal 100 eurocents.

Till January, 1st, 2002 marks - equal 100 pennies were cash token moneys of Finland. A nominal number of the native currency of Finland has been presented by notes of denomination of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 marks. Till February, 29th, 2012 finmarks still can be interchanged for euro in Bank of Finland.

Since 1809 at a gain of Finland Russia, in its territory Russian rubles were in use only. And only in 1860 in territory of Grand duchy Finnish own currency - mark has been entered. The name for new currency was thought up by Elias Lyonnrot, the collector of a Kalevala. Germany has named the currency mark only in 10 years.

the Flag Finland the Map Finland
the Arms Finland

In 1877 the mark gold content has been positioned at franc France level - 0,290323 g of pure gold. In March 1933 Finland has joined a sterling bloc. On August, 28th, 1939 Finland left a sterling bloc; the solid parity with US dollar is positioned.

In 1945 three devaluations of a finmark are carried out. The exchange of old notes for the new from January, 1st till February, 17th, 1946 is manufactured; 50 % of notes in nominal value in 500 and more marks are paid in the state 2 %-s' loan. On July, 5th, 1949 there was a new devaluation of mark. On January, 1st, 1963 the new mark equal to 100 old marks is entered.

On June, 4th, 1973 the Bank of Finland has cancelled lowest of official limits of exchange fluctuations of mark to dollar. Since January, 8th, 1974 the mark rate of exchange is defined on the basis of an index reflecting average changes of the basket of 15 currencies of main trading partners of the country. From time to time devaluations and mark revaluations in relation to a currency index were carried out.

Face side of 20 marks of Finland
the Back of 20 marks of Finland

On face sides of the last series of notes before replacement by euro portraits of the well-known people of Finland have been represented. That fact is interesting that the Bank of Finland used a photo Vjajnyo Lynn on a denomination of 20 finmarks without the permission of the holder of copyrights. It was found out after a yield in the circulation of several millions notes and the Bank of Finland had to reimburse 100000 finmarks as indemnification to the legal owner.

Face side of 500 marks of Finland
the Back of 500 marks of Finland

It is updated 05.2012

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