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the Kroon (euro)

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Estonia is an exhibiting country the European Union . Monetary unit - euro - to equal 100 eurocents. Unlike Latvia and Lithuania, Estonia could execute all Maastricht criteria necessary for transferring for euro by 2011, and on May, 12th, 2010 Eurocommission has acted with an official proposal about addition of this country to an eurozone on January, 1st, 2011 that Estonia and has made.

Till January, 1st, 2011, the native currency of Estonia, the kroon was, Which consisted of 100 cents. Issue of denominations was carried out by Bank of Estonia. In the cash circulation of the country were Notes of denomination of 2, 5, 10, 25, 100 and 500 crowns.

Till 1991 Estonia was one of 15 republics which were a part the USSR .

the Flag Estonia the Map Estonia
the Arms Estonia

On face side of the monetary ticket of denomination in 2 kronas (modification of 2006) in the size 140 x 69 mm The plotting of a portrait of scientist Karl Ber, and on the back - a kind is possessed Buildings of Tartu university. The denomination has following protection frames: a watermark in the form portrait Karl Ber and figures " 2"; a protective strip with retried microtext " 2 Eesti Pank" Passing to the right of the center. Primary colours - grey and lilac.

The face side of 5 kronas contains the plotting of the chess player deserved the master of sports of the USSR, the grand master Paul Keres, is on the back seated the plotting of the Narva medal lock, the river of Narva and strength Ivangorod.

On denomination face side in 10 kronas (modification of 2006) the size 140 on 69 mm represents portrait Jacob Hurt, the reverse decorates the plotting of an old oak Tamm-Lauri in Urvast. Dominating colours - lilac, red And lilac.

On an obverse of the note in nominal value of 25 kronas the portrait of writer Anton Hanssen Tammsaare is seated, on the back represented Kind on Vargamjae. The Face side of 50 kronas contains the plotting of composer Rudolf Tobias, turnaround It is decorated by a theatre kind " Estonia" in Tallinn.

Face side of 25 crowns of Estonia
the Back of 25 crowns of Estonia

The face side of 100 crowns contains a portrait of poetess Lydia Kojduly, on a reverse - the plotting North Estonian Calcareous stone. On note face side in 500 crowns the portrait of the politician, the publicist is seated and Writer Charles Robert Yakobson, on turnaround - the plotting of a swallow.

Face side of 100 crowns of Estonia
the Back of 100 crowns of Estonia

It is updated 05.2012

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