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Danish crown

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The native currency of Denmark is the danish crown making to 100 era. As the emitter the National bank of Denmark acts. In the cash circulation of the country there are notes of denomination of 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 crowns.

The Kingdom Denmark is an exhibiting country the European Union , However as the currency uses a krone instead of euro, according to the Agreement signed in Edinburgh in 1992. In 2000 the government of Denmark has held a referendum concerning the euro introduction 46,8 % of voting pro and 53,2 % voting pro voting contra were which result. The majority of large political parties in Denmark support euro introduction, and the idea of realisation of a repeated referendum was offered. Nevertheless, some political parties, such as the Danish people party and Socialist People party have not supported it. Polls have shown fluctuations in favour of support of uniform European currency within several years after its physical introduction in Europe. However after financial crisis of 2008 support has started to fall, and in the end of 2011 has disappeared absolutely in the light of escalation of the European debt crisis.

the Flag Denmark the Map Denmark
the Arms Denmark

The Krone with a gold content is entered into 0,403226 g of pure gold as a result of signing on December, 18th, 1872 agreements between Sweden and Denmark about the Scandinavian monetary union. Before the silver rigsdaler equal to 96 skilling was country monetary unit. In connection with the indicated agreement in territory of Denmark till 1918 coins and notes of Sweden and Norway addressed.

Since 2009 for 2012 the National bank of Denmark has manufactured replacement of a series of notes of the sample of 1997 on following, Which main subjects of a steel bridges of Denmark and ancient Danish artefacts found out in immediate proximity from these bridges. The Danish artist Karin Birgitte Lund has been chosen for working out of design of notes in 2009 after a series of competitions. Competition has defined bridges as an obligatory theme, and the idea to switch on artefacts on an underside belongs Karin Birgitte Lund. The sizes of notes of a series of 2009 coincide with the sizes of a series of 1997 to avoid change in cash dispenses. The height makes 72 millimetres, and length from 125 mm to 165 mm, increasing by 10 mm for each new significance.

Face side of 100 crowns of Denmark
the Back of 100 crowns of Denmark

The Danish crown is currency of the Danish currency area which except Denmark includes Greenland and Faeroes.

Face side of 1000 crowns of Denmark
the Back of 1000 crowns of Denmark

It is updated 05.2012

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