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  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Bulgaria, Republic
  • Lev
  • Sofia
  • of 110 550 sq. km
  • Bulgarian (state)
  • BG (BGR) 100

Lev - the native currency of Bulgaria. One lev makes 100 stotinkas. In a cash turn-over There are notes of denomination 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 levs. The denomination 1 lev is not manufactured any more, replaced with the coin with the same name, the notes which have remained in circulation are a lawful legal tender. The international designation of monetary unit - BGN . Since 1999 the rate is left, adhered to euro.

The Lev is entered into 1880 in connection with education of an independent Bulgarian princedom, on February, 16th, 1896 a gold content is left is positioned in 0,290323 g of pure gold, i.e. At level of a gold content of franc France. In 1923 currency restrictions are entered.

After country clearing (on September, 9th, 1944) the government of Bulgaria had been spent a number of actions for monetary circulation stabilisation. From the circulation notes in 200, 250, 500, 1000, 5000 levs and three-percent Treasury bonds which have been interchanged for notes of the sample of 1947 Since January, 1st, 1962 have been withdrawn the standard of price on a parity 10: 1 is changed, in the circulation token moneys of the new sample are manufactured. The exchange before addressing token moneys on the new is manufactured also on a parity 10:1.

the Flag Bulgaria the Map Bulgaria
the Arms Bulgaria

The denomination face side, of denomination in 20 levs of issue of 2005 (with the sizes 134 on 74 mm), contains the plotting Architectural fragments, arches and abbreviations of the People's bank of Bulgaria. On the back of the note the plotting is seated Buildings of the People's bank, allegorical female figure and the first denomination in 20 levs.

The denomination is well enough protected: has a watermark in the form of a heraldic lev and an abbreviation Central Bank (). The protective strip containing the microtext " 20" passes on all length. A denomination also It is equipped by a polymeric protective strip in width of 16 mm which is possessed in the left angle on face side. On To polymeric strip, are seated: a transparent window in which it is possible to see or figure " 20" or diagonal Lines; a silvery holographic element with number " 20"; a silvery holographic element with Emblem of Central bank and anniversaries " 1885 - - 2005". Primary colours - lilac, violet and pink.

Token moneys of denomination 1 and 2 it is left instead of a holographic strip contain a strip on the left side, Executed by means of stamping by a foil.

Face side 20 levs of Bulgaria
the Back 20 levs of Bulgaria

The Note in 100 levs has been entered into the circulation in 2003. On face side the portrait of the Bulgarian writer and public figure Aleko Konstantinova (1863-1897), on the back - a figure of Aleko Konstantinov and the book is possessed by Baj Ganju. Improbable stories about one modern Bulgarian. The size of a denomination - 141 x 79 mm.

Face side 100 levs of Bulgaria
the Back 100 levs of Bulgaria

It is updated 05.2012

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