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Belarus ruble

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • the Country code:
  • Belarus, Republic
  • Belarus ruble
  • Minsk
  • of 207 600 sq. km
  • Belarus (state)
  • BY (BLR) 112

Monetary unit of Byelorussia is the Belarus ruble definitively entered into the cash circulation In 1992 after in territory of Belarus from a turn-over began to be withdrawn Soviet (the USSR see ) and russian rubles. The Belarus currency is presented exclusively by notes. A nominal number is presented by notes in 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000 and 200000 rubles, also in circulation were notes in nominal value In 1 and 5 Belarus rubles introduced from the circulation on January, 1st, 2004 and on July, 1st, 2005 accordingly, and denominations in 10 and 20 Belarus rubles which are subject to withdrawal from a turn-over since January, 1st, 2012.

the Flag Belarus the Map Belarus
the Arms Belarus

Notes of various nominal values differ from each other in the sizes, colour, and also the plotting on obverse and Turnaround the parties.

The note in nominal value of 10 Belarus rubles has the sizes 110 60 mm, dominating colour - light-violet, on To its face side the old building of the National library possessed in Minsk, on the turnaround is represented To the party the big plotting of number 10 is seated.

The note in nominal value of 20 Belarus rubles has the sizes 150 x 69 mm, dominating colour - olive-yellow, on Both parties the plotting of the National bank of Belarus is seated. The similar sizes have notes In nominal value of 50 and 100 Belarus rubles. On an obverse part of the note in 50 rubles, coloured mainly in Orange-red colour, Holms gate of the Brest strength are represented, and on its back is seated The memorial plotting "Brest Fortress". The note in nominal value of 100 rubles on face side has The plotting of the National academic Bolshoi theatre of an opera and ballet of Belarus and on turnaround - Scenes from ballet "Chosen" E.A.Glebova. Dominating colour - light green.

Notes of other nominal values have the uniform size - 150 x 74 mm. On the note in nominal value of 500 rubles, which It is coloured in light brown colour, the plotting of the Republican palace of culture of trade unions is possessed in Minsk. The blue note in nominal value of 1000 rubles on face side contains the plotting National Art museum of Belarus, and on turnaround - a fragment of a pattern of the unknown artist " Flowers and fructs".

On face side of the note in nominal value of 5000 rubles of violet colour the plotting of the Palace of sports is seated in Minsk, and on the back - sport center "Raubichy". Note decor is devoted the city of Vitebsk In nominal value of 10 000 rubles (primary colour - pink); on it the plotting of a panorama of Vitebsk is possessed And a summer amphitheatre in this city, Gomel is the basic motive of the note in nominal value of 20 000 rubles, Dominating which colour - grey: on face side the palace plotting in a city is seated Gomel, on turnaround - a townscape Gomel.

The note in nominal value of 50000 Belarus rubles is coloured in blue colour, in the decor contains The plotting of the Wordly lock in the Grodno area and fragments of its scenery.

Face side of 50000 rubles of Belarus
the Back of 50000 rubles of Belarus

Notes of a series of issue of 2000 left with two subsequent modifications. Modification of 2010 consisted that with acceptance of new rules of spelling of the Belarus language, notes in 50 and 50000 Belarus rubles, should change an inscription with nominal value with "" in an old fashion, on "" in a new fashion. Modification of 2011 has concerned basically strengthenings of degree of protection against fakes. For example, the diving metallized protective thread has been entered. Notes of a series of 2000 of all issues and modifications are a lawful legal tender without restrictions.

Face side of 50000 rubles of Belarus (2010)
the Back of 50000 rubles of Belarus (2010)

It is updated 05.2012

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