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Monetary unit of Albania is the lek - to equal 100 qindarkes.

A Nominal number of the native currency of Albania is presented by notes of denomination of 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 leks.

the Flag Albania the Map Albania
the Arms Albania

Till 1925 in Albania Turkish metal coins, and also the Italian, Greek and Austrian coins and notes addressed. On June, 25th, 1925 the native currency of Albania had been declared the Albanian franc.

In days of country Italy occupation the Albanian currency has been attached to Italian lira on a parity 1 Albanian franc = 6,25 Italian liras. After exile from the country of the Italian invaders (November 1944, with the purposes of validity giving to token moneys of former issues temporarily remaining in circulation, and also protections of the country from inflow of the money removed from Albania by fascist invaders, rubber stamping of notes in 20 and 100 francs has been manufactured by the cash cheque of issue of the National bank of Albania.

From July, 11 till July, 20th, 1947 the note and coins in the Albanian francs have been interchanged for new notes and coins in leks on a parity 1 Fr. - to 9 leks.

In 1965 and 1991 have been spent currency reforms. Old leks interchanged on new in the ratio 10:1 and 50:1, accordingly.

Face side of 1000 leks of Albania
the Back of 1000 leks of Albania

On July, 11th, 1997 in the circulation a series of the notes which are in circulation and till today has been manufactured. The denomination of 100 leks manufactured since 1997, has been withdrawn from circulation in 2008, instead of it, since December, 29th, 2008 there was a new note of 2000 leks. On which face side the king of Illyria - Genty, on turnaround - an amphitheatre in Butrinti, archaeological memorial estate in the south of Albania is represented.

Face side of 2000 leks of Albania
the Back of 2000 leks of Albania

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