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Dollar of Solomon Islands

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • Country code:
  • Solomon Islands, Commonwealth
  • Dollar of Solomon Islands
  • Honiapa
  • of 28 900 sq. km
  • Melanesian (state)
  • SB (SLB) 090

Monetary unit - dollar of Solomon islands ( SI $ )=to 100 cents.

The Dollar of Solomon islands is entered in January 1977. Instead of an Aussie dollar on a parity 1: 1. Token moneys in Aussie dollars were a lawful legal tender till October, 1st 1978. Since October, 29th 1979. After cancellation of a solid parity with an Aussie dollar the dollar exchange rate of Solomon Islands is positioned on the basis of a basket of currency.

the Flag Solomon islands the Map Solomon islands
the Arms Solomon islands

In state territory in circulation there are denominations of denomination 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Dollars of several versions. Some notes were produced of plastic. The denominations, which issue It was carried out till 1986, contain a portrait of the English queen, Elizabeth P.Zatem have started to manufacture Notes with the plotting of the arms of the country. The native currency is manufactured by Central bank Solomon Islands.

The Polymeric note 2 dollars has been manufactured in 2001 instead of hlopko-fiber, however was more narrow in 2006 is transferred revertively on a clap. A series of 2006 also is protected by new functions of safety, including bright background colours, a microseal, conic serial numbers and a special protective thread. All notes represent scenes from a traditional life and a thing which are important culturally islands, at each denomination, falling into to a certain theme.

On the right on face side of a denomination of denomination in 10 dollars there is a plotting of the national arms. On To back the plotting of the woman which is taken by manufacturing of national ornaments is seated. In Quality of protection the denomination is supplied by a watermark in the form of a head of a bird and the monogram from letters CBSI. A protective strip With an inscription " CBSI" passes on the right side from the note center. The metallized diving protective The strip is displayed on denomination face side. Dominating colours - lilac and violet.

The design of face side of a denomination in nominal value of 50 dollars is similar to the previous. On the back of a denomination are represented Various animals and plants of Solomon Islands. Denomination security features are identical to protection elements Authenticity of the note of denomination of 10 dollars. Unique difference is an availability on note face side In 50 dollars of the silvery hologramme which is seated on the right side. Primary colours - Blue-green, green and lilac.

Face side of 10 dollars of Solomon islands
the Back of 10 dollars of Solomon islands

On islands free importation and exportation of local money are allowed. It also propagates and on the foreign Currency.

Face side of 50 dollars of Solomon islands
the Back of 50 dollars of Solomon islands

It is updated 04.2012

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