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Yemen rial

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • Country code:
  • Yemen, Republic
  • Yemen rial
  • San'a
  • of 527 970 sq. km
  • Arabian (state)
  • YE (YEM) 887

The republic Yemen was formed in 1990 when two states existing before were aggregated: the Yemen Arabian Republic and National Democratic Republic Yemen (Northern Yemen and Southern Yemen accordingly). The rial is a national denomination of a monetary system of the former Northern Yemen. After association Northern and Southern Yemen have come to the agreement that the rial will be in circulation both former republics. However in the south of the country simultaneously with rial were in circulation and dinars which it is official and have not been withdrawn from circulation. In 1993 issue of dinars has completely stayed, old money has become unfit for use, and the currency of the former Southern Yemen has disappeared from a turn-over.

the Flag Yemen the Map Yemen
the Arms Yemen

Symbol of the Yemen rial - YER . One rial makes 100 filses. In state monetary circulation there are denominations of denomination of 50, 100, 200, 250, 500 and 1000 rials.

In the country there are two exchange rates of rial - official and parallel. Official it is used at the foreign trade operations. The parallel rate is applied at an exchange of cash denominations of tourists and other visitors of the country.

On November, 14th, 2009 the Central bank of Yemen had been manufactured the note in nominal value of 250 rials. Executed in yellow-blue-brown tones, on face side of a denomination the plotting of a mosque of Al-Saleh, on the back - a city-port the Ale-mukalla. The size of the note - 155 x 75 mm.

Money can be interchanged almost in each bank of Yemen, and also in the big shops and hotels and in various private exchange offices and items. In the small cities removed from the center, it is almost impossible to interchange foreign money. In the country free importation and exportation national and a foreign exchange is supposed. At exportation more than 10 thousand dollars USA is necessary the bank document in which there are instructions on a source Currency origins.

Face side of 250 rials of Yemen
the Back of 250 rials of Yemen

As to the Yemen rials at visiting of Yemen it is necessary to remember that denominations should have accurate enough appearance. Use fragmentary, the dirty, stuck money or the denominations manufactured before 1992

is not supposed
Face side of 1000 rials of Yemen
the Back of 1000 rials of Yemen

It is updated 04.2012

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