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South Korean wons

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • South Korea, Republic Korea
  • South Korean wons
  • Seoul
  • of 98 480 sq. km
  • Korean (state), English

Monetary unit of South Korea is wons. Own currency of South Korea has been manufactured only in 1950 after clearing of Korea of Japan. Whether on the this denominations the portrait of the first South Korean president the Son the God-send which corrected at that time has been represented. Its plotting remains on the Korean denominations till April, 1960, Whether while Son Man was will dethrone as a result student's revolution. The Native currency of the period of the First Republic differed a considerable quantity hieroglyphs. The Chinese hieroglyphs were used for a writing of almost all texts on denominations of that time. Subsequently texts on the Korean notes have been executed in the Korean language, and from time to time there were also inscriptions in English.

the Flag South Korea the Map South Korea
the Arms South Korea

Symbol wons - KWR . On territory of the country in circulation there are denominations of denomination 1000, 5000, 10000 and 50000. In circulation also there are banker's checks of denomination from 100000 and more. At accounts by the check on its back it is necessary to write number of the passport of the holder, and also the address and phone in Korea.

In 2006 the fake of notes became one of the basic problems of Bank of Korea. For example, the note 5000 (an equivalent of 5 US dollars) in 50 % of cases - a fake. It has forced the government to enter a new series of notes, with change, first of all, notes 5000. Later, in 2007, notes 1000 and 10000 have been manufactured. Notes include more than 10 functions of protection in each nominal value. Many modern functions of protection which can be found in euro, pound sterling, Canadian dollar, the Japanese yen, are used in the Korean denominations.

On June, 23rd, 2009 the Bank of Korea has manufactured the note 50000. On face side the portrait Shin Sajmdan, the known artist of 16th century, the calligrapher and mother of Korean scientist Julgoka which is on the note 5000 is represented. It is the first Korean note on which the portrait of the woman is represented.

Face side 5000 South Koreas
the Back 5000 South Koreas

In many shops, and also in the market along with wons the American dollars act, but in department stores and large shops dollars do not accept.

The native currency of South Korea was not always designated by the term "wons". During the period with 1953 on 1962 it carried the name hwana.

Face side 50000 South Koreas
the Back 50000 South Koreas

It is updated 04.2012

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