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Nepalese rupee

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The native currency of Nepal is the Nepalese rupee equal to 100 paisas. Paper moneys have occurbed in Nepal not so long ago. In 1950th to foreign expeditions which attended to development of mountains, it was necessary to take with itself sacks of the metal coins necessary for payment of travelling expenses. Nepalese coins became a rarity, they have practically disappeared from the universal circulation.

the Flag Nepal the Map Nepal
the Arms Nepal

Monetary unit of Nepal - rupee. Within kingdom there are no such services and the goods which would be paid in size smaller, than one rupee, paisas in the practical purposes are not used.

In circulation there are notes in nominal values 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 rupees of various series. Issues of denominations of early series contain the plotting of king Birendry Bir Bikrama which has been killed in June, 2001 by own son. On denominations (a series of 2003), having a polymeric basis, the portrait of the new king, the brother of victim Birendry Bir Bikrama - Gienendry Bir Bikrama Shah Dev.

In October, 2007 on the note of 500 rupees the portrait of the king has been replaced by the plotting of mount Everest. It reflects historical transferring from kingdom to republic which has taken place in Nepal in May, 2008. Other notes 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 1000 rupees with the plotting of mount Everest have occurbed in 2008. The first notes of 500 and 1000 rupees have been printed on a paper which as a watermark has still been topped by a portrait of the king from the right part of face side of the note. Therefore has been decided to print a red flower of a rhododendron (a national flower of Nepal) over a watermark. Notes of these nominal values which have been manufactured in 2009, were printed on a paper on which the rhododendron is more narrow instead of a royal portrait was used as a watermark and consequently were manufactured without additional drawing of red colour.

It is possible to interchange for territories of the country without difficulties the majority of foreign money, for example the American dollars, the Japanese yens and euro. Besides it, in territory of Nepal in the free circulation there is also an Indian rupee. Nevertheless some establishments do not take the note in nominal value of 100 American dollars and 500 Indian rupees. Importation and exportation of the Indian money is allowed only to citizens of India.

Face side of 10 rupees of Nepal (2003)
the Back of 10 rupees of Nepal (2003)

Nepal is enough poor country. In this connection in the provincial remote cities not always it is possible to be paid back in kind from large denominations. Sometimes and in capital of Nepal Katmandu taxi drivers and petty dealers cannot exchange money of the big dignities. For this reason it is necessary to have at itself denominations of low nominal values.

Face side of 1000 rupees of Nepal (2008)
the Back of 1000 rupees of Nepal (2008)

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