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Malaysian ringgit

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:

  • the Country code:
  • Malaysia, Federation

  • Ringgit
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • of 329 700 sq. km
  • a bahasa (state), English, the Chinese dialects, etc.
  • MY (MYS) 458

Since 1976 official monetary unit of Malaysia is the Malaysian ringgit. Up until that time during the period with 1899 on 1967 in the country as official currency the Malayan dollar acted. Malaysian ringgits are manufactured by the Government bank. Local business banks are supervised by the foreign companies and the country companies.

the Flag Malaysia the Map Malaysia
the Arms Malaysia

Some provincial areas of the country which are far from the central part of Malaysia, still use old money - Malayan dollars. Thus inhabitants of these areas recalculate dollar for a ringgit and is revertive that quite often generates weight of misunderstanding.

Ringgit symbol - RM . One ringgit makes 100 cents. In circulation there are denominations in nominal values 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 ringgits of various modifications. On all notes the portrait of the first Supreme governor of Malaysia is represented by Tuanku Abdul Rahmana.

One ringgit has the size 121 x 65. On the right on face side the portrait of Tuanku Abdul Rahmana is possessed. On other party the plotting of a coastal landscape and mountain is seated. The denomination is protected by a watermark in the form of a portrait of Tuanku Abdul Rahmana. The protective thread is in the denomination center. Dominating colours of the note - blue, dark blue and violet.

In May, 2011, Bank Negara Malaysia declared that will present a new series of notes, replacing existing design which was in circulation about 15 years. The note of 50 ringgits already left a new series in the circulation on July, 15th, 2009. The design of other new notes has been presented on December, 21st, 2011, and it is expected that they will be entered into the circulation in second half of 2012. Notes of a new series will circulate together with the existing. Notes of a series used will be at present by degrees is removed. Nominal values of all notes of a new series will save a portrait of the prime minister of Malaysia Tuanku Abdul Rahmana.

Face side of 5 ringgits of Malaysia
the Back of 5 ringgits of Malaysia

Free importation and exportation of national money is authorised. To remove cash if they have been declared at entry to the country much easier. To carry out exchange it is possible in each bank, the airport, hotel and exchange offices. Driving to the country and having with itself the sum, the big than 1000 ringgits, it is necessary to fill in the bill of entry. Leaving the country, also it is necessary to issue the declaration.

Face side of 50 ringgits of Malaysia
the Back of 50 ringgits of Malaysia

It is updated 04.2012

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