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The basic denomination of a monetary system of Japan is the yen which is equal to 100 sen. Yen are ancient gold and silver coins of Japan which 1,5 g of pure gold and 24,3 g of a fine silver weighed. Since 1869 in a turn-over there were 71 gold and 71 silver yens, and since their 1918 have replaced paper moneys. "Yen" has received the name according to appearance of coins which had the round form (an is transferred with Japanese as "round"). Before the monetary unit of Japan began to be called as yen, coins were minted oval, rectangular and other forms.

the Flag Japan the Map Japan
the Arms Japan

Now denominations of Bank of Japan in nominal value 1000 act on territories of the country, 2000, 5000 and 10000 yens. On a denomination of denomination of 1000 yens of a series of 2004 the portrait of known Japanese microbiologist Hidzyo Noguti, on the note in 5000 yens - a portrait of Japanese writer Itiyo Higuti, the author of books - "the Life in a solitude", "Contemporaries" etc., and on a denomination in 10000 yens - the writer, the translator and the philosopher of an epoch of Mejdzi Fukudzavy Jukiti is seated.

Face side of 2000 yens of Japan
the Back of 2000 yens of Japan

For the first time in history the countries, in 2000 the note in nominal value of 2000 yens has been manufactured. On its face side gate of Shurej in Okinawa, on turnaround - a bust of the author of product "Genzhi" of Murasaki Shikubu, and also a scene from the book are represented. There is a protective watermark in a kind of gate of Shurej. Fundamental colours - black, brown, orange and green.

Face side of 10000 yens of Japan
the Back of 10000 yens of Japan

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