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Monetary unit of Israel is the shekel, the this currency can be carried both to the oldest, and to the youngest currency. This results from the fact that for the first time about shekel have started talking in the second millenium B.C. Nevertheless only in XX century the shekel has been recognised by the basic nominal value of a monetary system of Israel. The term "shekel" has occurred from a Hebrew word saqal which is transferred as to "weigh". At first the shekel was applied as a gold and silver weight.

the Flag Israel the Map Israel
the Arms Israel

Independent state Israel became only in 1948 Up until that time the state was the British colony and its basic monetary unit there was a British pound. Independence reception has led Israelis to creation of own currency. While many other states after sovereignty reception changed at once currency, in Israel it has occurred after the lapse of some time for now in the country the Israeli pound which was equated to 1000 miles acted. The decree on use of shekel as national monetary unit of Israel was accepted still on June, 4th, 1969, i.e. Already then pound wished to replace with shekel, but these actions have been coded. And practically till the moment of introduction of an Israeli shekel in the circulation about new currency it was known nothing. Transferring to shekel has been carried out on February, 22nd, 1980

In monetary circulation of Israel there are notes in nominal value 20, 50, 100 and 200 shekels. One shekel is equal to 100 agorae. Since 1999 a series of money with portraits of historical persons, however with nonconventional - vertical - decor is manufactured. On face side of all denominations portraits of popular Israeli politicians and art workers are seated. The same plotting was present and on money of the previous issue.

In December, 2009 the Bank of Israel declared issue of a new series of polymeric notes in 2012 which will bear portraits of Teodor Gertsl, David Ben-Guriona, Menahem Begin and Itshak Rabin. The planned issue of the note of 500 shekels while have officially refused.

Face side of 20 shekels of Israel
the Back of 20 shekels of Israel

The Israeli denominations are manufactured by means of special computer technologies and if to take a magnifying lens it is possible to see that each plotting of the certain figure consists of repeatedly retried two letters of the Jewish alphabet which designate the initials of the this figure. On a face side background there is plotting of the significant moments from a life of these figures and the citation from the works written by them.

Face side of 100 shekels of Israel
the Back of 100 shekels of Israel

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