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Bruneian ringgit or a dollar Brunei

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • Country code:
  • Brunei-Darussalam, Sultanate
  • Bruneian ringgit (dollar)
  • Bandar Seri Begawan
  • of 5 770 sq. km
  • a malay (state), English, Chinese
  • BN (BRN) 096

Monetary unit of Brunei is the Bruneian ringgit, or a dollar Brunei. They are equal to 100 sen and 100 cents accordingly. On money that is underlined also, and other term. There are denominations of denomination of 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 10000 ringgits of various modifications. In total it is manufactured more than twenty kinds of notes, and on each of them the plotting of the sultan of Brunei by Hassanal Bolkiah I in a uniform, and in the denomination center - the mosque plotting is seated. On other party the palace kind is possessed. The note is protected by a watermark in the form of a portrait of the sultan, and also a silvery diving strip which passes on the right side from the center. Besides it, on the right on denomination face side the golden hologramme is possessed.

the Flag Brunei-Darussalam the Map Brunei-Darussalam
the Arms Brunei-Darussalam

Paper moneys of Brunei were manufactured by several series in 1967, 1972, 1989, 1996-2000, 2004-2007 and 2011 In circulation the countries there is a considerable quantity of notes from a series of 1996-2000 which smaller nominal values have a polymeric basis. All series of notes from polymer has been manufactured in 2004-2007, and in 2011, with strengthening of protection against a fake, polymeric notes 1, 5, 10 ringgits. On their face side the portrait of sultan Hadzhi Hassanala Bolkiaha is seated. In 1992 there was in circulation an anniversary denomination of denomination in 25 ringgits - in honour of the 25 anniversary of ascent of the sultan on a throne, and in 2007 - 20 ringgits in honour of the currency exchangeability 40 anniversary between Brunei and Singapore, into a daily turn-over of the note of such nominal value do not enter.

Except national monetary units, in Brunei dollars Singapore which without restrictions are accepted in the majority of shops, hotels, restaurants and other establishments are propagated. Also they freely interchange.

At exchange realisation Bruneian banks do not accept paper notes. This results from the fact that in the country on an official basis the program on creation of "the electronic state when all document circulation occurs without paper use is proclaimed.

Face side of 100 ringgits (dollars) Brunei-Darussalam
the Back of 100 ringgits (dollars) Brunei-Darussalam

The Currency in Brunei can be interchanged at the airport, in banks, shopping centers, hotels. At the same time cash and tourist checks in various private exchange offices simply enough vary. Traveller's cheques also interchange in large shops and shopping centers.

Face side 1 ringgit (dollar) Brunei-Darussalam (2011.)
the Back 1 ringgit (dollar) Brunei-Darussalam (2011.)

It is updated 04.2012

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