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Kyat of Burma (Myanmar)

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • Country code:
  • Burma (Myanmar), the Union
  • Kyat
  • Yangon
  • of 678 500 sq. km
  • a burmese (state)
  • MM (MMR) 104

Before war of 1937 in territory of Burma in circulation there were denominations of the Reserve bank of India. It were Indian rupees with a stamp the Lawful legal tender in Burma. Then them have replaced with tickets of the Burmese monetary management which were in London. They have received the name burmese rupees. The burmese rupee was equated to the Indian. Since 1943 during the Japanese occupation the military currency which had the name of local money has started to enter into a state money turnover. Then in their 1945 have replaced money of the British military authorities which were in circulation at the time of occupation of Burma by Englishmen. And only after some years after independence reception, in 1952, the burmese kyat has started to be manufactured.

the Flag Burma (Myanmar) the Map Burma (Myanmar)
the Arms Burma (Myanmar)

The Central bank of Burma attends to issue of the domestic currency of Burma. In the kyat country name ja or cha. The Symbol K . 1 kyat is made by 100 pya. In circulation there are monetary units in nominal value 50 pya, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 5000 kyats.

50 pya, 1 and 5 kyats, because of their low buying power it is possible to meet notes very seldom. The kyat, or ja, is in a turn-over not on all territory of the country. So, for example, in the northeast of Burma instead of the native currency the Chinese money acts.

On October, 1st, 2009 the Central bank of Burma has begun issue of the note of 5000 kyats. The size 150 x 70 mm, on face side represents a white elephant, on the back - Central bank of Burma, with a nominal value inscription in English.

Face side of 1000 kyats of Burma (Myanmar)
the Back of 1000 kyats of Burma (Myanmar)

Foreign visitors of the country who come not under the invitation and separately from tourist group, should interchange a part of the money for local exchange certificates of Central bank which act is equal in rights with burmese currency.

As to the state currency its free importation and exportation is forbidden. It is possible to import a foreign exchange without restrictions only provided that during half a year it will be removed from the country. At departure from the kyat country interchanges on a foreign exchange only within 25 % from the exchange sum.

Face side of 5000 kyats of Burma (Myanmar)
the Back of 5000 kyats of Burma (Myanmar)

It is updated 04.2012

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