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  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • Country code:
  • Bangladesh, National Republic
  • Taka
  • Dacca
  • of 144 000 sq. km
  • the Bengal (state), English
  • BD (BGD) 050

Since January 1972. And to this day a monetary system leading world currency Bangladesh is a taka, a symbol - Tk , and a token coin - a paisa.

the Flag Bangladesh the Map Bangladesh
the Arms Bangladesh

2001. To Bangladesh it is connected with issue in the circulation of the first polymeric note in nominal value 10 of so. Its size makes 130*60 mm. On face side the portrait of sheikh Rahmana, on the right side of the note - a palace at the left is represented. On the back denominations there is a plotting of a modern building and a bank seal. Watermarks are not present, however there is a transparent window in which center there is a plotting of a flower of a lotus. The protective thread is possessed on the right side. However, the this note has appeared unpopular and later has been introduced from the circulation.

There are denominations of denomination 1000, 500, 100, 60 (memorable), 50, 40 (memorable), 20, 10, 5 and 2 taka. Except a denomination in 10 of so, the special attention deserves the note in 2 takas which design also has been changed. On denomination face side there is a plotting of a monument Shahid Minar. On other party - the plotting crimson magpies. The watermark serving by protection of denominations from fakes, is presented in the form of a head of a tiger. The protective thread with retried microtext in the Bengal language is from the ruling party. Dominating colours - green and orange.

Face side of 20 takas Bangladesh
the Back of 20 takas Bangladesh

In 2011 the Bank of Bangladesh has begun issue of a new series of the notes expressed in dignity 2, 5, 100, 500, and 1000 taka. Notes of all nominal values on face side have the plotting of a portrait and a watermark of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mudzhibur Rahmana, and on-middle the Monument of martyrs in Savara. Also in 2011 the Bank of Bangladesh has entered the memorable note 40 taka occasionally "to the Victory 40 anniversary into Bangladesh", and on February, 15th, 2012 the memorable note 60 taka in honour "the 60 anniversaries of National Movement".

Face side of 60 takas Bangladesh
the Back of 60 takas Bangladesh

It is updated 04.2012

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