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  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • Country code:
  • Azerbaijan, Republic
  • Manat
  • Baku
  • of 89 600 sq. km
  • Azerbaijan (state), Russian, etc.
  • AZ (AZE) 031

Monetary unit of the Azerbaijan Republic is the Azerbaijan manat which has come in this Transcaucasian The state after disintegration of the USSR on change to the Soviet ruble (the USSR see ). During the period since August, 1992, till January, 1994 on Republic territories were in the cash circulation both rubles, and the Azerbaijan manats, and 1 manat It was equal to 10 rubles. In the beginning of 1994, the manat has received the status of a unique lawful legal tender on Territories of Azerbaijan, becoming the high-grade native currency. Since 1992 in the country there were 2 denominations Manat - 1992 and 2006 One manat makes 100 qepiks.

the Flag Azerbaijan the Map Azerbaijan
the Arms Azerbaijan

A nominal number of currency of Azerbaijan is presented by notes to 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 manats.

On face side of the note in nominal value 1 manat (the size 120 x 70 mm) are seated Plotting of the Azerbaijan folklore tools, and the back is decorated Ornament of the ancient Azerbaijan carpets, all is symbols of rich cultural traditions Azerbaijan The people. Number of elements of protection of the this note from a fake concern: a watermark, brilliant lines, Metal thread, ultra-violet elements, visible on light, the latent and flowing over plotting, and Also exact animators and the relief plotting of nominal value.

On face side of the note in nominal value 5 manat (the size 120 x 70 mm) are represented ancient Azerbaijan poets, Writers and books, on its back are seated the plotting of rock paintings in Gobustane (Gobustan Rock) and letters of the modern Azerbaijan alphabet. Decor of this note reminds of the valuable contribution The Azerbaijan people in the world literature. Protection against a fake is supplied with elements, characteristic and for Described above the note.

Plotting of old Baku, the Maiden Tower and Shirvanshah Palace against the ancient city of Icheri Sheher on the obverse To the party of a denomination in nominal value 10 manat (the size 134 x 70 mm) along with ornaments of ancient Azerbaijan carpets On its back symbolise an antiquity of a life and statehood of Azerbaijan.

Plotting of a sword, top section and board on denomination face side in 20 manat (the size 134 x 70 mm) and a world symbol on Its turn-over urged to remind of intention of Azerbaijan to protect the territorial integrity, in that Number to settle a Nagorny Karabakh.

Youth, the sun, steps both the numerous mathematical and chemical signs represented on the obverse To the party of the note in nominal value 50 manat (the size 148 x 70 mm), represent symbols of education, progress, Forces, light and a science. The denomination of denomination 100 manat (the size 155 x 70 mm) has symbols in the decor Economic development of the Azerbaijan Republic, prosperity of the Azerbaijan nation - the plotting bright Architectural creations of an antiquity and the present, and also the letter "M" designating a manat.

The design of all notes combines the plotting on the back contours of territory of the modern Azerbaijan together with a Nagorny Karabakh and maps of Europe that it is possible to treat as a symbol of that in Azerbaijan honour traditions of ancestors, but thus aspire to rapprochement with Europe (an integration map Azerbaijan to Europe).

Face side 5 manat of Azerbaijan
the Back 5 manat of Azerbaijan

A Series of the Azerbaijan notes of issue of 2006 has been developed by the Austrian designer Robert Kalina who also was responsible for design of a current series of notes of euro. That marks a little similar decor of notes of a manat and euro notes.

Face side 50 manat of Azerbaijan
the Back 50 manat of Azerbaijan

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