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Monetary unit of Armenia is drams. Drams it is entered into the cash circulation on November, 22nd, 1993 instead of The Soviet ruble (the USSR see ). In a translation from Greek " dram" means " money". Drams The silver coins which were a legal tender in territory of Armenia from the end of XII century Originally named In Post-Soviet Armenia in a cash turn-over there were coins of the sample of 1994 and the note of the sample 1993-1995 While in 1998-2007 it on change coins and denominations of the new sample by degrees have not come. 1 drams makes 100 lumas, but now lumas are withdrawn from the universal circulation.

A nominal number of the Armenian currency is presented now by notes of denomination 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000 and 100000 it is drams.

the Flag Armenia the Map Armenia
the Arms Armenia

Among notes of the new sample there were also denominations of denomination 50 and 100 is drams, but at the moment they are introduced from Cash turn-over, becoming collection value. The first of two notes has the sizes 122 x 65 mm and is issued Mainly in pink colour, on its face side are seated a portrait of the composer of Aram Hachaturjan and The plotting of the State opera theatre possessed in Yerevan, on the back denominations are represented Mountain Ararat and scene from known ballet " Gaiana" A.Hachaturjan. The note has the similar sizes In nominal value 100 it is drams, dominating colour - blue, on its back the is seated portrait astrophysics Victor Ambartsumian and the plotting of space, the Bjurakan observatory and a telescope.

On face side of mainly grey note in nominal value 500 it is drams, having the sizes 129 x 72 mm, it is seated Portrait of architect Alexander Tamanjan and the plotting of the Government of Republic Armenia on the turnaround To the party.

The note of denomination 1000 it is drams has the sizes 136 x 72 mm, dominating colours - greenish and Light pink. On face side of a denomination against mountain Ararat the portrait of known writer Egishe Charents, and on the back against one of ancient buildings of the Armenian capital the plotting is seated The horse harnessed in a vehicle.

Denomination of denomination 5000 it is drams has the size 143 x 72 mm. Dominating colours - green and brown. On To face side of this note the portrait of writer Ovanes Tumanjan, and on turnaround - a pattern is possessed Martiros Sarjan on whom the nature of Lori is represented. A portrait of this outstanding Armenian artist Decorates a back of mainly fulvous denomination in nominal value 20 000 it is drams in the size 151 x 72 mm, on a reverse of this note is seated a fragment of a legendary landscape " Armenia" the same artist.

Denomination of denomination 10 000 it is drams has the size 150 x 72 mm, dominating colour - violet. On the obverse To the note party the portrait of writer Avetik Issakjan is seated, and on the back there is a plotting Kind on Gyumri The beginnings of XX century.

Face side of 1000 Armenian drams
the Back of 1000 Armenian drams

The Note in nominal value of 100000 drams has been entered in Armenia in 2009. On its face side the portrait of king Abgara V - the first Christian king, on turnaround - transfer by apostle Faddeem to king Abgaru of V cloth for an imperial flag is represented.

Face side of 100000 Armenian drams
the Back of 100000 Armenian drams

It is updated 04.2012

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