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Notes of the countries of Asia

In this section are presented samples of notes of the countries of Asia, and as their description, short history and a country geographical position.

the Azerbaijan Manat the Azerbaijan Manat Armenian Drams Armenian Drams
Afghani of Afghanistan Afghani of Afghanistan the Taka Bangladesh the Taka Bangladesh
Kyat of Burma (Myanmar) Kyat of Burma (Myanmar) the Bruneian ringgit the Bruneian ringgit
a Bhutan Ngultrum a Bhutan Ngultrum the Dong of Vietnam the Dong of Vietnam
Shekel of Israel Shekel of Israel the Georgian laris the Georgian laris
Indian rupee Indian rupee the Rupiah Indonesia Rupiah Indonesia
Dinar Jordan Dinar Jordan Dinar Iraq Dinar Iraq
the Iranian rial the Iranian rial the Yemen rial the Yemen rial
Kazakh tenge Kazakh tenge Cambodian a riel Cambodian a riel
Qatar rial Qatar rial the Kirghiz som the Kirghiz som
the Chinese yuans the Chinese yuans the Kuwaiti dinar Kuwaiti dinar
Laotian kips Laotian kips the Lebanese pound (lira the Lebanese pound (lira)
the Malaysian ringgit the Malaysian ringgit the Maldivian rufiyaa the Maldivian rufiyaa
the Mongolian Togrog the Mongolian Togrog .... Nepalese rupee....
Nepalese rupee
Emirati dirham Emirati dirham Omani rial Omani rial
North Korean wons North Korean wons the Dollar Singapore Dollar Singapore
the Syrian pound the Syrian pound Tadjik somonis Tadjik somonis
the Thai bath Thai bath the Turkmen manat the Turkmen manat
the Lira Turkey Lira Turkey Uzbek soms Uzbek soms
Peso Philippines Peso Philippines Rupee of Srilanka Rupee of Srilanka
South Korean wons South Korean wons the Japanese yen the Japanese yen

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