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  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • Country code:
  • Swaziland, Kingdom
  • Lilangenis
  • Mbabane
  • of 17 200 sq. km
  • SiSwatis (state), English (state)
  • SZ (SWZ) 748

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Kingdom Swaziland Monetary unit is lilangenis, a component of 100 cents and manufactured Central bank of Swaziland. In plural the name of monetary unit of Swaziland sounds as emalangenis.

Before declaration of independence of Swaziland (on September, 6th, 1968) which was a colony of Great Britain, in its territory since February, 1961 addressed the rands entered instead of South African .16 of the September, 1974 Swaziland has manufactured own monetary unit - the lilangenis, equal to a rand. Token moneys in rands remained a lawful legal tender in the country till July, 1st, 1986

In circulation there are denominations of denomination 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 emalangenis. Notes and coins almost all nominal values have some modifications having the status of a lawful legal tender.

the Flag Swaziland the Map Swaziland
the Arms Swaziland

On September, 5th, 2008 the Central bank of Swaziland has entered into the circulation memorable notes 100 and 200 emalangenis in honour of the 40 anniversary of king Msvati III and 40th anniversaries of independence. As of November, 1st, 2010 the Central bank of Swaziland also has manufactured a new series of notes produced with a plastic foil and the expanded functions of safety. On face side of a new series of notes king Msvati III who is considered one of the last absolute monarches in the world is represented. Having a condition of more 100 million US dollars, it corrects the country, 70 which % of the population live less than for 1 US dollar a day.

Face side 100 emalangenis of Swaziland (memorable)
the Back 100 emalangenis of Swaziland (memorable)

Introduction lilangenis instead of the South African rand should promote economic and political independence of Swaziland of Republic of South Africa, but actually became simply symbolical step, the original certificate of increase of prestige of this small African state.

Face side 100 emalangenis of Swaziland (polymer)
the Back 100 emalangenis of Swaziland (polymer)

It is updated 03.2012

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