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South African rand

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Monetary unit of the republic of South Africa is the South African rand, to equal 100 cents and manufactured by the South African Reserve bank.

Till 1920 the note issue in Southern Africa was carried out by eight business banks which notes along with English coins remained a lawful legal tender till January, 14th, 1932 In April, 1922 in the circulation the South African pound equal to 20 shillings and 240 pence has been manufactured. Since February, 14th, 1961 transferring to a decimal monetary system is carried out and the new monetary unit - a rand equal to half of the South African pound and half of pound sterling is entered.

the Flag the republic of South Africa the Map the republic of South Africa
the Arms the republic of South Africa

Now in the cash circulation there are denominations of denomination of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 rands. An official international letter designation of the South African rand - ZAR .

A Series of notes of issue of 2005 is executed in the same design, as well as previous, but with additional functions of protection, such as moving of colour of ink on notes from 50 rands and above. Face sides of notes of all nominal values left with inscriptions in English, and other two languages are printed on the back, doing all eleven official languages of Southern Africa the accessible.

Face side of 20 rands of Southern Africa
the Back of 20 rands of Southern Africa

The President of Southern Africa Jacob Zuma declared on February, 11th, 2012 that in the country a series of notes bearing the plotting of Nelson of Mandela will be manufactured. Now the date of issue of these notes is unknown, however they are started in production.

Face side of 50 rands of Southern Africa
the Back of 50 rands of Southern Africa

It is updated 03.2012

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