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Moroccan dirham

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • Country code:
  • Morocco, Kingdom
  • Moroccan dirham
  • Rabat
  • of 446 300 sq. km
  • Arabian (state), French, etc.
  • MA (MAR) 504

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Kingdom Morocco Monetary unit is the dirham making 100 centimes and manufactured by a national bank "Al-Magrib" (Bank of Maghrib).

During the colonial period and in the first years after a gain of political independence the kingdom Morocco was included into a franc area. In the country there were three zones: French, Spanish and international (Tangiers).

In the French zone since 1920 a lawful legal tender was the Moroccan franc. In the Spanish zone the peseta addressed and exchange control regulations of Spain acted. In Tangiers which on the basis of a special charter used till 1960 uncontrolled liberty trading and currency transactions, the Moroccan francs and pesetas addressed. After declaration on March, 2nd, 1956 independence as country monetary unit the Moroccan franc has originally been saved. In October, 1959 the Moroccan franc has been devalueded and passed the law on introduction of new monetary unit - the Moroccan dirham.

the Flag of Morocco the Map of Morocco
the Arms of Morocco

In the cash circulation there are denominations of denomination of 20, 50, 100, 200 dirhams.

The Face side of the note in nominal value 50 dirham is decorated by a portrait of Moroccan king Mohammed VI and the dam plotting, on the back seats the strength plotting. The this note has the sizes 147 x 70 mm, is coloured mainly in green, yellow and light-green colours. For protection of authenticity of a denomination the watermark consisting of a portrait of Moroccan king Mohammed VI and a digital designation of nominal value, and the protective strip which is containing retrying microtext with the name of bank and digital nominal value and passing to the right of the center of the note are used.

Face side of 200 dirhams of Morocco
the Back of 200 dirhams of Morocco

In 2009 Bank "Al-Magrib", in honour of the fiftieth anniversary has manufactured the anniversary note in 50 dirham. On face side portraits of three kings are represented: Mohammed VI, Hasan II and Mohammed V, on the back - Bank "Al-Magrib" headquarters in Rabat.

For the Moroccan dirhams stable enough rate is characteristic. Exportation of the native currency from Kingdom Morocco is strictly forbidden.

Face side of 50 dirhams of Morocco
the Back of 50 dirhams of Morocco

It is updated 03.2012

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