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Comorian franc

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • Country code:
  • Comoros, Association
  • Comorian franc
  • Moroni
  • of 2 230 sq. km
  • Arabian (state), French (state)
  • KM (COM) 174

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Monetary unit of the Union of Comoro Islands is the comorian franc equal to 100 centimes.

The Issuing institute - the Central bank of the Comoro Islands which have begun operations since July, 1st, 1981, has replaced Issuing institute of Comoro Islands placing in Paris (to last since January, 1st, 1975 have passed all operations of the former issuing institute - Bank of Madagascar and Comoro Islands). In 1978 instead of franc CFA the comorian franc equal to it is entered.

In the cash circulation there are denominations of denomination of 500, 1000, 2000, 2500, 5000, 10 000 francs.

the Flag Comoros the Map Comoros
the Arms Comoros

The Face side of a denomination in nominal value of 500 francs (the size - 120 x 66 mm, primary colours - orange, red and light green) is decorated by the plotting of the lemur sitting on a tree, the tropical flower on the back is represented.

On face side of the note of denomination of 5000 francs (the size - 138 x 73 mm, primary colours - lilac, violet and orange) is represented Sajd Mohammed Dzhohar, the back contains the stylised plotting of a tree at coast.

On face side of the note in nominal value of 10 000 francs (the size - 144 x 73 mm, primary colours - ochre, yellow and green) is possessed the plotting of a portrait Al-Habib Seid Omar bin Shumejt, on the back of the this denomination the plotting of tropical plants and a turtle is seated.

For protection of authenticity of notes of all nominal values abbreviations BCC, a protective thread with retried microtext BCC put on it and a holographic strip are used a watermark which is looking like an inverted half moon, framed with four stars, and.

Face side of 2000 francs of Comoro Islands
the Back of 2000 francs of Comoro Islands

The Note of 10000 comorian francs is executed in fulvous tones, on face side, in the center, the portrait Al-Habib Seid Omar Bin Ahmed Ibn Sumejt, at the left - a mosque in Moroni is represented. On the back - a ylang-ylang, flowers and a turtle. A watermark - four stars and a half moon.

Face side of 10000 francs of Comoro Islands
the Back of 10000 francs of Comoro Islands

It is updated 03.2012

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