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Burundian franc

  • Name:
  • Monetary unit:
  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Language:
  • Country code:
  • Burundi, Republic
  • Burundian franc
  • Bujumbura
  • of 25 650 sq. km
  • a Kirundi (state), French (state), a Swahili
  • BI (BDI) 108

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Republic Burundi Monetary unit is the burundian franc making 100 centimes and manufactured by Bank of Republic Burundi.

In the German colonial rule the Arabian coins and Indian rupees addressed to Burundi. With 1919. In the Belgium formed under the mandate of territory of Rwanda-Urundi as monetary unit the Congolese franc has been entered. The franc of the Rwanda-Urundi which has saved a former parity parity with a Belgian franc became monetary unit since 1960. After education of two independent states - Kingdoms Burundis (on November, 28th, 1966 Burundi became republic) and Republics of Rwanda - between them in 1962 the agreement on currency and the customs union has been entered into. The franc of Rwanda and Burundi became their general currency which parity remained without changes, and the central bank has been renamed into the Issuing house of Rwanda and Burundi. In 1964 of Burundi and Rwanda have created national issuing institutes and have entered native currencies - franc Burundi and franc of Rwanda.

the Flag of Burundi the Map of Burundi
the Arms of Burundi

In the cash circulation there are notes of denomination of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10 000 francs. Thus among denominations in nominal value from 10 to 500 burundian francs notes of a series till now participate in a turn-over 1968-1976, however now they by degrees leave the circulation.

Notes of each nominal value have some variants of decor (depending on a date of issue), signs different from each other on a number. On face side of a denomination in nominal value of 50 francs (the sizes - 140 x 67 mm, primary colours - red-brown, blue and orange) are represented the State Emblem of Burundi seated in a disk, and the boatman, on the back the this denomination the plotting of the fisherman, a fishing boat and a hippopotamus are possessed. A unique element of protection of authenticity of the note is the protective thread which is passing to the right of the center.

The Face side of a denomination in nominal value of 100 francs (the size - 150 x 70 mm, primary colours - violet, blue and lilac) is decorated by the plotting of a structure with three arches, a portrait of the Burundi prince and the state motto, the plotting of the State Emblem of Burundi, a banana tree and house building are on the back seated. Protection level is similar to the above described note.

Face side of 20 francs Burundi
the Back of 20 francs Burundi

On face side of a denomination of 10000 burundian francs of 2009 of issue portraits of prince Rvagasore and president Ndadaje, on the back - three pupils behind school school desks are represented. The size of the note - 150 x 75 mm.

Face side of 10000 francs Burundi
the Back of 10000 francs Burundi

It is updated 03.2012

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