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This site represents the informative receiving tank of the data devoted to modern monetary systems of the various states of the world. Besides the description of denominations, in special sections of a site detailed descriptions of modern kinds of coins of the different countries are seated.

Very often appearance of notes reflects the basic historical events in a state life, decor of denominations or coins contains often portraits of the politiko-historical persons who have kept the trace in culture and stories of the country, and also indicates main cultural achievements of the state, the country or the people.

It is considered that modern denominations and coins of all countries of the world have the general functions, basic of which the following is:

1) The measure of value characterising the positioned price of all goods and services;

2) A circulating medium which is representing itself as the intermediary at an exchange of the goods;

3) Accumulation means; this function is executed by the money participating in a daily financial turn-over;

4) An instrument of payment used at financial operations with loans;

5) The function of world money characterising economic mutual relations between physical, by legal persons and the states.

Token moneys - notes and coins

This site first of all will be interesting to each person who is taking a great interest in a world history, a policy, and also versions and economic value of officially confirmed state monetary units of the different countries of the world. In this receiving tank the detailed information is presented, allowing to fill up the knowledge and to expand an outlook, after all each officially accepted by the government of the state a denomination or a coin directly reflects development history, modern political-economical position and the status of each country in universal level.



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